Great books for Catholics

October 24, 2006 | 7 comments

I read each and every response to my post about recommended reading for RCIA, looked up each suggestion on Amazon, and have finally put together a list of books for people in our RCIA class who would like to do further reading on the topics we discuss. Each book I have either read myself and know is fantastic, and/or multiple people recommended it on this site, and/or it got a ton of 5-star reviews on Amazon. I included a description of each book (usually either from the back cover or from a review) since I figured that a list of titles alone wouldn’t be very compelling.

This turned out to be a larger endeavor than I thought and took up a lot of my time today, but I think it’s worth it. Thanks (once again) to the great tips from my great readers I think I’ve been able to put together a list of books that will help new converts and cradle Catholics alike grow in their faith. (I hit “Add to Wish List” many times during the process of compiling this list.)

Here’s a PDF version. If you have any trouble viewing it or want the Word version, email me and I’ll send it to you.

Our adult education director was excited about this and I think he’s actually going to pass it out to the class, which makes me nervous. I hope this is a good selection of books that will help people grow in their faith.


  1. Jeff Miller

    That is a really good basic list.

    Thinking again I would add two spiritual classics.

    St. Augustine’s Confessions. Since this book details both conversion and some of the most wonderful meditations it is pretty much required reading.

    Imitation of Christ. Another classic though you would note that often Protestants sell a copy of this book that is minus the chapter on the Eucharist.

  2. SteveG

    I agree.

    Great Job Jennifer! I can imagine that your RCIA director must have been pleased indeed.

    I hope your realize what a service this is to your fellow RCIA members (not to mention readers of your blog). It was really good of you to go to the effort, especially seeing how you have your plate full with two little ones.

  3. Bekah

    Great list. There are a few on this list I have not yet read, and will have to look for. They sound great!

    What a wonderful service you’ve done for your program.

  4. Martin

    Excellent list. I wish I had had such a list when I decided to take my Catholic faith seriously some 10 years ago.

  5. Julie D.

    That is a great list. I am especially pleased to see “A Small Still Voice” on there as it is one of the first I read after I converted. It has been a good, common-sensical guide ever since when the question of visions, etc. comes up.

    I also would recommend Catholic Christianity by Peter Kreeft as it puts additional logic and explanation behind the Catechism, which it follows.

    However, a list like that can grow and grown can’t it as everyone pushes their own personal favorites! Again great job!

  6. Anonymous

    One last plug for Practice of the Presence of God. It’s short and an easy read!

  7. Sarah

    Jen, could you please email me a word document? The RCIA director at our parish (whose wife is a close friend of mine) would like to copy this list onto a website and add to it. If you don’t have a document, or if you can’t send it, that’s no problem. I just thought I would ask. Thanks, Jen, for sharing this tremendous resource here!

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