October 17, 2006 | 6 comments

Every few weeks I get a forward from someone with a link to NASA’s Picture of the Day (or some other astronomy photo) with the comment “Doesn’t this make you feel insignificant?!?!”

Well, it makes me feel small. And it used to make me feel insignificant. But now that I understand the concept of God and who he is and what he’s done it makes me feel very significant. I’m made in the image of the Being that did that!

As usual, Chesterton says it best (via Steve G.):

[Herbert Spencer] popularized this contemptible notion that the size of the solar system ought to over-awe the spiritual dogma of man. Why should a man surrender his dignity to the solar system any more than to a whale?

If mere size proves that man is not the image of God, then a whale may be the image of God; a somewhat formless image; what one might call an impressionist portrait. It is quite futile to argue that man is small compared to the cosmos; for man was always small compared to the nearest tree.

When I sent one of these forwards to my husband he echoed Chesterton, albeit with a little less eloquence. This has henceforth been known in our family as “stars suck” apologetics.

It’s just odd to me. I don’t see the connection. Even if there are a gazillion stars out there, they can’t think, so I win. I just don’t get it.

Picture me versus a star (any star) on Jeopardy. I’d just win every question. Even the ones I didn’t know would just go unanswered. The star wouldn’t get a single point. Stars suck.


  1. Mike

    C.S. Lewis was once asked how he would react if an atomic bomb were falling straight at him. His answer, as best I remember it, was “Phew! You’re just an atom bomb. I am an immortal soul!”

    Just replace “atom bomb” with your cosmological object of choice.

  2. MrsDarwin

    Okay, that’s just an awesome response. “Stars suck.” You betcha!

    My husband, who is descended from a planetarium director, wants it clarified that stars don’t suck all the time, just when they’re playing Jeopardy.

  3. SteveG

    I laughed both times I read that response!

  4. Dawn by Design

    I love this.

  5. Christopher Milton

    That may need to be put on a t-shirt….

  6. Ray Ingles

    Note that the 'stars suck' response can be made just as easily by an atheist… and frequently is.

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