Book recommendation?

November 21, 2006 | 6 comments

I know quite a few people who are cradle Catholics who have completely fallen away from the faith. This type of person usually has vaguely positive feelings toward the Church, maybe a few issues with so-called “Catholic guilt, ” but isn’t anti-Catholic or an atheist so much as just apathetic about religion in general. God and his rules would just cramp their style.

What are some good books to recommend to this type of person? I’m looking for something that’s addressed specifically towards Catholics and is a pretty light read (this crowd doesn’t care enough to wade through Orthodoxy).

Any ideas?


  1. Nancy C. Brown

    When I read Surprised by Truth, that book really turned me back to my Catholic faith. It is stories of people who had to figure out everything to become Catholic. I was already Catholic, but didn’t really know anything about my faith. I found the stories really inspiring.

  2. Faith

    A book I really like that was recommended to me by a priest is: Why Do Catholics Do That? By Kevin Orlin Johnson. It is very readable and is really a collection of short articles addressing many different issues. It has the Imprimateur of the Bishop of Dallas.

    I highly recommend it.

  3. Kate

    FOr a light fun read that most cradle catholics will enjoy and will still prompt some thoughtful ‘hmmms’, I’d recommend “Swimming with Scapulars” by Matt Lickona. It’s not a theological or apologetic work, but honestly, not everybody is interested in the systematic approach (sad as that is). Other recommends: “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilisation” (Thomas Woods), and “The Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living” (John Zmirak).

  4. Eric

    For me, I got really excited by Rome Sweet Rome. Engaging style, good conversion story. I was Catholic, fell away, and …. well, I can’t say that Rome Sweet Rome made my reversion happen, but it’s the first authentically Catholic book that I read that made me excited about this thing I was rediscovering. There were times I nearly wept while reading it. *shrug* Maybe that’s just me.

  5. Eric

    Sorry, make that Rome Sweet Home, you know…by the Hahns.

  6. Anonymous

    1 Corinthias 11 would be a great short reading-beside other great books etc

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