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November 10, 2006

How crazy is this…

As you know from the number of times I’ve linked to or mentioned the site, I am a huge fan of DarwinCatholic. The posts I’ve read on their site frequently come up in conversations with my husband, and we’ve had many long conversations about the great topics they bring up.

So imagine my surprise when Mrs. Darwin mentioned that she’s in my metropolitan area. And imagine my jaw dropping when I learned that she lives only a few miles away from me and we have two friends in common.

We met for tea on Wednesday, and get this: she was able to be as interesting and intelligent as she is on her blog while we sat it a tea parlor (full of tons of very delicate tea sets within easy reach of little hands) with her three young children. The baby smiled and cooed while the two older children politely amused themselves while we chatted. I kept expecting confetti to drop from the roof and the Mother of the Year awards team to come in and hand her her lifetime achievement award.

I assume that everyone who reads this site also reads DarwinCatholic but if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t, go check it out now. Really great stuff.


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