Monthly Archives: December 2006

We are Herod

December 31, 2006

Just came across this gripping post from another great blog I recently discovered, Heirs in Hope. Often, we want to demand that God intervene -– just in this one instance. He should prevent, should somehow fix things so that children have an opportunity to grow up before being attacked by the horrors of this world. […]

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Driving out the snakes

December 30, 2006

Just wanted to plug one of my favorite new blogs, Driving Out the Snakes. It’s like my site, but with good points and well-written posts. 🙂 And he’s from my ‘hood, which is a nice plus. I didn’t know it was legal to have conservative or religious blogs around here.

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Your favorite gifts?

December 29, 2006

I’m always looking for good stuff for my “Gift Ideas” folder that I reference for birthdays and Christmas. So, tell me, what were the best gifts you saw this year that you or your family received for Christmas? I’ll share some of our favorites in case any of you also collect gift ideas: – My […]

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I’ve always loved listening to Christmas music. There’s nothing like a classic rendition of The First Noel or Adeste Fidelis sung by some great choir to stir up all the warm feelings I associate with this time of year. Even though God or Jesus was never part of the equation, my family was always big […]

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The Watchmaker

December 18, 2006

I came across this great little kids video called The Watchmaker about life and creation (via Patrick). I think my Christian readers will get a kick out of it. Turn on your speakers.

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