Monthly Archives: December 2006

I was glad to see this article in the WSJ Opinion Journal (via Adoro Te Devote) about how women exercising “sexual freedom” never quite works out like it’s supposed to. Some excerpts: Unfortunately, the young women described in “Unprotected” have fallen victim to one of the few personal troubles that our caring professions refuse to […]

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I came across another article just now about sex-selection abortion in India: In a report released this week, UNICEF said 7, 000 fewer girls are born in India every day than the global statistic would predict, because of sex-selection abortion. Parents routinely abort a female baby because of widespread gender prejudice…The strong desire for sons […]

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Good reading

December 14, 2006

I am ridiculously busy for the next few days so I doubt I’ll have any updates (though in typical blogger fashion I have some great posts all written out in my head!) In the meantime, go read the latest over at the Darwins’ blog. I thought this observation about the lack of species solidarity we […]

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Office haikus

December 12, 2006

I think we could all use a break for a moment from debating the great questions of God and man, so I offer you today a topic we can all agree on: work sucks. Someone sent me a copy of this little book called Office Haikus, and it is killing me. Where was this when […]

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A truce?

December 8, 2006

So I’ve been thinking this afternoon about how markedly the tone of the site has changed in such a short time. Just the other day Mike J commented about what a great community we have here, and now it seems that the vibe has really gone downhill. I think anyone would agree that the debates […]

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