Monthly Archives: December 2006

What a load of horses–t this is…I hereby urge my fellow RA’ers to let this moron know how you feel in the comments. [censoring mine -JF] I just don’t see anything of God in this post. I see a lot of ego, a LOT of pride, and a lot of self-congratulatory, self-serving BS. Honey, you […]

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Pride and atheism

December 6, 2006

In all these discussions about God and proof, one of the things I’m starting to believe is that atheism is more of a personality trait than a belief system. As I said in my last post, it was only when I approached the possibility of God with humility, set aside my fears of looking like […]

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On having proof

December 4, 2006

I am dizzied by the fascinating discussions that are still going on in the last few posts. Until I have time to sort through all these great thoughts and offer a coherent response, I will note one high-level takeaway that I keep coming back to as I follow these discussions: As I read these detailed […]

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The stories behind the data

December 2, 2006

I came across this realtime global emergencies map. At first I just marveled at this amazing feat of technology, wondering how they programmed it. But as I scanned the list of current disasters, last updated just a few minutes ago (“Epidemic – Sri Lanka”, “Tropical Storm – Philippines”, “Vehicle Accident – Western Sahara”) I took […]

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