The stories behind the data

December 2, 2006

I came across this realtime global emergencies map. At first I just marveled at this amazing feat of technology, wondering how they programmed it. But as I scanned the list of current disasters, last updated just a few minutes ago (“Epidemic – Sri Lanka”, “Tropical Storm – Philippines”, “Vehicle Accident – Western Sahara”) I took a moment to really think about the stories that must be behind the dry list of data on this web page. Lives changed forever. Families devastated. Mothers and fathers sitting somewhere right now, even as I type these words, facing the unthinkable.

I’ve had this page up in my browser for a couple days now. I keep coming back to it, wondering what the people’s stories are who are living in these areas. A couple times while feeling frustrated and annoyed I accidentally pulled up that browser window and the dialogue of complaints in my head was immediately silenced.

If you’re ever at a lack for someone or something to pray for, or just need to be reminded how many blessing you have, go to this page and scan the list.


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