Faith in the face of tragedy

March 4, 2007

Jill has another stunning post about faith and grace in the face of tragedy. Below is an excerpt of her story of her father’s sudden death, which occurred the day after the D&C for her seventh miscarriage:

My poor Dad was suffering greatly. His chest heaved violently with the struggle of taking each breath. He had not taken the larger dose of morphine that would have eased him because he wanted to be awake and lucid to see me. For the same reason, he was wearing a powerful oxygen mask that forced air into his lungs, which was very painful but kept his blood oxygen level high enough for him to be mentally alert. He had kept the mask on for hours and eschewed more morphine the whole morning while I packed and traveled. He wanted to see me one last time, and he knew how heartbroken I would be if I never got to say one last good-bye.

The rest of my family left the room as my husband and I said good-bye to Dad. I told him how much I loved him, what a wonderful father he had been and how blessed I felt that he was my dad, how much I will miss him. I asked him, for my own reassurance, whether he believed that he would have eternal life due to Jesus’ saving grace. He nodded emphatically and, despite his breathless, almost complete inability to speak, forced out “Yes!” I cried and said, “I will see you in heaven, Dad, and it will be wonderful. Take care of my babies until I get there.” I leaned over and hugged him, and he smiled and managed to say “Love you.”


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