Loaves of bread

March 15, 2007

The exciting news today over at Into the Deep has prompted me to write my own DEO GRATIAS! post.

There’s a saying that “every baby comes with a loaf of bread under his arm.” Somebody told me that a couple months ago when I first discovered the shocking news that I was pregnant.

I’ve been really surprised at how true this has been in our case. As I mentioned, this pregnancy brings with it a lot of serious financial concerns. The day after I wrote that post, when so many were praying for us, I got three unexpected checks in the mail. One was for a fairly large amount.

Throughout the next few weeks we seemed to get one financial break after another. We didn’t win the lottery or anything, and we still have very serious financial challenges, but it’s just enough. Whereas before we were facing the serious possibility of simply not being able to get by, perhaps having to cram into a relative’s house indefinitely or have me get a job, we now have enough. Just barely enough.

And the biggest news of all came today. Shortly after I read the good news at Into the Deep, I went to the pharmacy to talk to them about getting Lovenox. I’ve been praying about this and asking others to pray since I need this medication but it’s just not something I can afford. I’d called to ask how much it would cost and they said they were having trouble running my insurance, but it was showing $2, 418 for a one-month supply. During my last pregnancy my insurance covered more of it and a one-month supply was only a little over $800, so I went down there to figure out what was going on.

The plan was to shuffle my feet and perhaps get them to give me some samples since I’m flying this weekend, which is a high risk activity for having Factor II and being pregnant. I handed the lady the prescription and asked what the total would be, my “Woe is me” speech on the tip of my tongue. She replied, “You have a $30 copay for a one-month supply.”

I asked her to confirm it, and she said she was certain that is correct. To my immense relief I am able to set aside my list of ideas, my spreadsheet with possible sources of money to pay for this medication. My insurance has not changed since last time, when it was over $800. I almost got teary-eyed. It was my answered prayer, my loaf of bread.

Deo Gratias.

Click here for Part II, and click here for an update on this story

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