A new day

April 7, 2007

Things are finally settling down here at the new house after moving. This afternoon my husband came across a crucifix we recently received as a gift that had been blessed by the Pope. Not wanting it to be lost among the boxes and paper, he hung it above the front door. It’s our first decoration to be put up in the new house and, I realized, the first time I’ve ever lived in a house with a crucifix. (For the past couple years we’ve lived with my mother, who does not like religious objects on display, and before that we were not religious.)

I had been worried about moving just before Easter Vigil, but it now seems like the perfect timing. Perhaps (especially based on all the answered prayers) that’s just what God had in mind. My religious journey started shortly after we moved in with my mother, so to both finally have my own house after two years of waiting, and to finally be in full communion with the Catholic Church after two years of searching, makes this weekend all the more momentous.

I feel free in every way. Free to control my own environment, to put myself in a prayerful mindset with walls adorned with icons, a picture of the Pope, and other religious objects. And free in the knowledge that God exists, and that through his Son I am saved.

As soon as I hit Publish on this post I’m going upstairs to my new master bedroom to get ready. As the boxes and packing paper are cleared off the floor to show my beautiful new house, so has the clutter accumulated over a life without God been cleared from my soul through reconciliation and, tonight, the Eucharist. Sorry for the lame cliche, but I really think of this as the first day of the rest of my life.


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