April 23, 2007 | 2 comments

Congratulations are in order to Edward of To Jesus Through Mary, who just found out that his bishop has accepted his application to the seminary. Go leave him a comment to tell him congrats!

Also, I’ve had his site on Bloglines for a while and only realized after reading this post that he’s a senior in high school. Wow. I hope that this is the sort of blog my kids have when they’re in high school! 🙂


  1. beez

    That’s great news! I should hear something in June (probably a No). Always nice to hear of a new seminarian.

    For everyone here, please remember that seminary is far from the end of the discernment process, so pray for him still and often!

  2. Author

    I had to check my W3 Counter to see who was referring people to my blog, becasue I had nearly one hundred hits and comments, something I’m not use too! Thanks for the nice comments about my blog, and thanks for your continued prayers. Pray that God’s will eb done. My diocese needs many more holy priests as the Bishop told me, and we need priests.

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