Thank you

April 7, 2007

I was hoping that this would be a long, eloquent post worthy of the people to whom it is dedicated, but unfortunately time constraints require that I dash it out rather quickly.

I’ve said it before, and I want to say it again: I would not be entering the Catholic Church this Easter without the commentors on this blog. (For those of you who are new readers, it won’t take much reading through the archives to see what I mean). I started this site because I felt drawn to Christianity but didn’t know where to turn with all my questions. I felt kind of lost, and very confused.

I could have never imagined just how integral this simple blog would become to my spiritual journey. Chronicling my experiences helped me clarify my thoughts at each step of the way and, most importantly, my commentors would answer all my questions, however dumb, and engage in friendly debates when we disagreed. The Catholics and other Christians explained faith and God, and the atheists asked all the right questions and were civil even when they held the minority opinions.

I assume (and hope) that God would have eventually led me home to the Church, but it would not have happened this quickly without you — all of you.

Thanks for reading.


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