Good advice for new converts

May 4, 2007 | 5 comments

I wanted to share this brief but powerful advice I received in an email from Fr. James Parker, who came across this site just after Easter Vigil.

The souls that I have received into the Church often times feel overwhelmed by the richness of The Faith and all that there is to learn. So I tell you, be patient with yourself. Be like a little child and put your hand in Mary’s, just as Jesus did, and let her guide you. Everyday Our Lord will reveal something new to you through your daily prayers life. Also, don’t forget about your guardian angel (Matt 18:10).

Thanks for the good advice, Fr. Parker.


  1. Amber

    That is good advice, thanks for sharing it. The richness of the Faith really can be overwhelming, can’t it. I feel like I have so much to learn and catch up on. I’m currently studying the catechism and trying to work on Kreeft’s Summa of the Summa, but I also have Theology of the Body waiting for me on a shelf as well as several encyclicals that I really want to read, not to mention my regular Bible reading. And then there’s the more immediately practical stuff like Parenting with Grace and Amy Welborn’s book about Catholic Prayers.

    Wow, I sound like such an overachiever. LOL

    I think I’ll copy down that piece of advice and read it over frequently. 🙂

  2. beez

    It’s very true… Also, be aware that you may not feel as fervant in a year as you do now. That’s pretty common.

    In fact, most dioceses won’t allow someone to enter into a formal vocation discernment for at least two years after conversion because there is a period of great “infatuation” that sometimes fades into a comfortable (albeit less emphatically zealous) Cathlocity.

  3. Lady of the Lakes

    Thanks for the advice! I recently am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information there is to learn. I started reading the Catechism, got part way through Sacramentum Caritatis (sp?), and was given a couple books to read by my mother in law (one by St. Augustine, the other I don’t remember offhand). Not to mention all of the blogs I’ve been reading lately! 🙂 All this and I won’t even be able to start RCIA until next fall.

  4. Adoro te Devote

    The faith is very rich. As a revert, I’ve been overwhelmed, too, and tried to ingest more than I could.

    For those who are new to the faith, or entering RCIA, don’t be afraid to seek out solid Catholics you know and ask questions. I’m sure I speak for Catholic bloggers everywhere when I say our inboxes are open to your questions.

    We don’t have all the answers, but we might be able to point you in the right direction or just provide a listening “ear.”

    I began teaching RCIA this year and you are all an inspiration to me. Thank you.

    So if you have questions, ask away, don’t be afraid to do so!

    I just wish, that, when I was seeking answers, there had been someone in my life, online or otherwise, who had opened that door. Since that was lacking for me, I don’t want it to be lacking for others.

  5. Angie

    What wonderful advice! I’ll have to remind myself of that from time to time!

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