Prayers for Milehimama

May 19, 2007 | 3 comments

Milehimama is having a tough time — she’s in the difficult process of finding a rental house for her family of nine on last-minute notice, her car just broke down, and now her baby is in the hospital with some concerning symptoms. Please say a prayer for her and drop her a note of support.


  1. Anonymous

    Maybe you know someone with a rental property.

    Maybe you know someone with a car.

    Maybe she needs a phone call or e-mail of support.

    Prayer accomplishes nothing. Help her actively.

  2. Marc

    “Prayer accomplishes nothing.”

    Prayer is actually the most important mechanism that allows us to tap into the power of God. Through it, “impossible” things happen. I’ve been instantly healed by prayer, for instance. If we Christians sat down and told our stories, one after another, no one would honestly doubt prayer ever again.

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