4×4 Meme: 4 years past, 4 years hence

June 8, 2007 | 1 comment

Catholic Mom tagged me for this meme a few days ago.

Four things I’ve done within the past four years:

1. Became a wife and a mother. I married my best friend and had three kids (including the one on the way). Also, just a little more than four years ago I said that I MIGHT want ONE child (if any), but that would be it. In the past four years I’ve had a 180-degree change in the way I think about marriage and motherhood and what it means to be a woman.

2. Went through the grueling process of starting a business with my husband. Though he was mainly the one who worked, financial constraints meant that I simply had to help out a lot for the first year. This coincided with the birth of our first child, so it was a really, really stressful period. (I actually started this blog during the tail end of that period. I summarized some of the ups and downs in this post.)

3. Found out I have a genetic clotting disorder. During my last pregnancy I got a deep vein thrombosis, which is a serious blood clot. Turns out, I have an inherited clotting disorder called Factor II (which I got from both parents, which is almost unheard of). This makes things like surgery, pregnancy and childbirth risky from here on out, and means giving myself daily shots in the stomach throughout all pregnancies. (The timing of all that was interesting, since the DVT and subsequent diagnosis happened immediately after I came to accept Church teaching on contraception and openness to life. More about all that here.)

4. Discovered the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church after a life of atheism.

Four things I’d like to do in the next four years:

1. Begin homeschooling my children.

2. Get over our big financial challenges. We’re working hard to pay off my husband’s student loans, and really hope to have that done in the next few years. Also, our health insurance is incredibly expensive and is a huge hit on our budget each month. I really hope we can find some way to get the medical care we need without having to pay so much each month (the whole clotting disorder/pregnancy thing makes that complicated).

3. Become a more confident mother. Stop worrying that I’m not doing it “right”. Realize my kids are fine, I’m fine, and I don’t need to constantly compare myself and the way I run our household to what everyone else does. 🙂

4. Pray more, read more, go to Mass more. Try to make up for all the years I wasted without God in my life.

As usual, I tag any commentors who don’t have blogs.

1 Comment

  1. Ouiz

    I love reading all these “things about me” memes… I’m learning such amazing things about people!

    I greatly admire you for wrestling with, and ultimately following, the teachings of the Church, even when it can ask quite a bit of you.

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