A thought to close the day

June 8, 2007 | 5 comments

Another day draws to a close. Time to shut down my computer, turn off the lights, and give my weary body a rest. I reflect back on the challenges and the joys of this day, wonder if I served God at each moment, feel content with my labor. And as the sun dips below the horizon and the evening draws nigh, I close my day with this thought:

Scorpions are nocturnal.


  1. Sarah

    YOU are a GEM!:) I hope you sleep deeply and peacefully regardless of your housemates.

  2. Malia

    I thought of you early this morning when my husband called out from the bathroom, “Hey, hey! Have you ever seen a scorpion this big inside a house?” Oh, great. “Where is it?” I asked. “In your sink!” came his reply.

    And given that these creatures are nocturnal, I wonder where Brother Scorpion was lurking when I stepped in there a few hours earlier to make use of the facilities.

    And no, it was NOT the biggest scorpion I’ve seen in the house. We may be in South Carolina, but they can grow to quite rotund proportions here. Not like out west, but nothing I want in my house, either.

    But “Brother” Scorpion or not, he was an interloper in MY bathroom, and as such was summarily smacked and sent for a little swim.

    And just so you know, I was stung by one a couple of years ago and it wasn’t bad at all. Wasp and yellow jacket stings are much more painful and long-lasting, at least for me. Because of this, I’m actually not nearly as afraid of them as I used to be. Grossed out and repulsed, yes. Absolutely. They just have too many, um, appendages…

  3. Malia

    Well, I just read Patrick’s comment from yesterday and realized that the scorpion who stung me must have been Brother Southern Gentleman Scorpion, who decided to lightly ping me instead of sending me into convulsions. And I thought they were no big deal…

    Thank you, Patrick, for destroying my false sense of security.

  4. Julie D.

    I can’t even tell you the shudders that ran through me at that thought … euwwwww!

  5. Anonymous

    isnt it a general rule of thumb, that the larger a scorpion the less powerful its venom?

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