An inspiring mother

June 18, 2007 | 4 comments

A friend just emailed me this video and I wanted to share it. What an inspiring woman!


  1. Sarah

    Absolutely amazing! And to think, I still have days where I feel sorry for myself!

  2. Christine

    My mouth is just hanging open! Holy cow! AND SHE DRIVES!

    (I hate to say this, though, but I can understand the guy with the movie ticket. I have a real THING about feet.)

  3. mrsdarwin

    I was moved to tears watching her change her baby’s diaper with her toes. And oddly enough, it was easy to forget that you were watching feet instead of hands.

    She must have amazing abs to keep the kind of balance required to do everything with your feet.

  4. Karie

    Oh my goodness! What a lady! I was amazed to see her pick up her son so gently and he hung on like a pro! She is amazing.

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