Friday Favorites for June 15

June 15, 2007 | 3 comments

So much good stuff! For your Friday reading pleasure, I offer you 12 great links:

  1. What are the best charities?: I asked Tienne, whose commitment to helping the poor throughout the world never ceases to amaze me, how she finds out which charitable organizations are reputable. A lot of them have missions that sound great, but how do you know they actually do what they say they do? Her response is very helpful.

  2. Some interesting research: College graduates are less likely to abandon religion.

  3. The messages our choices send to our children: Melanie has some great excerpts from a piece by Orson Scott Card about how some of his students’ essays about American culture changed his life.

  4. Interesting interview at Ignatius Insight: This interview with the authors of the book Architects of the Culture of Death was very interesting. Lots of stuff to think about. The book, a look at the personal lives of some of the heroes of secular society, examining how their ideas impacted their own lives, sounds fascinating. I particularly liked this quote from the interview: “When Chesterton referred to pride as the ‘falsification of fact by the introduction of self, ‘ he was indicating how important humility is in the life of an honest thinker.”

  5. “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”: A beautiful post from Heather as she recovers from brain surgery, undergoes chemotherapy and radiation, and faces a very uncertain future.

  6. Baby monitor shows video from NASA: This is too cool. It makes me want to dig that video baby monitor out of the closet. (via Milehimama)
  7. A conversion story…sort of: Catholic Mom has a great post about how she “moved from being a passive observer of faith to an active seeker of faith”. Love that description of the process.
  8. The saints on criticizing others: Celeste lists some quotes from the saints about not focusing on other people’s bad qualities. Let’s just say that this is an area of my spiritual life where there’s LOTS of room to grow.
  9. Heartbreak at Mass: Leticia watches her Congressman, who votes in favor of abortion 100% of the time, receive the Eucharist on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Don’t miss her link to this post where she recounts the time she confronted him in public after he voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion ban. I admire Leticia.
  10. Thoughts on frustration, problems and disappointment: Julie D. offers some great quotes about what to do when the hard times hit.

  11. Proof of God: Purify Your Bride has a nice, concise list of some of the more common arguments in favor of God’s existence.
  12. Street fires and scrap heaps: I end this list of links on a high note (or at least a very amusing note), with Simcha’s trip down memory lane as she recalls her old neighborhood.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Leticia

    Why, thank you, Jennifer, you’re pretty brave yourself,facing down that scorpion before coffee! We all have our poisonous ones to confront, only up here we call ’em politicians!

  2. lyrl

    I’ve bookmarked Tienne’s post on researching charities – that looks very useful! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Anonymous

    College graduates are less likely to have religion.

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