Friday Favorites for June 8

June 9, 2007 | 1 comment

My husband and I constantly have email discussions about the great stuff we come across while surfing the web. It suddenly occurred to me this week…why don’t I ever post this great stuff on my blog?

So I’m going to start collecting all my favorite links each week and then doing one, consolidated post at the end of the week called Friday Favorites (I realize I am posting this on a Saturday…but I wrote it yesterday, so that counts, right?)

For the first installment I have 10 fantastic links for you:

  1. How to help those discerning vocations: Adoro te Devote points out the logistical difficulties of discerning a call to religious life in modern society. What about the house payment? What about your pets? How can you take the time off of work to do a discernment retreat? She encourages us all to pray AND to think about what we can do to help those in this situation.
  2. Does suffering make sense? Runningmom has a great post about God and suffering. I love this quote she offers from a book she’s reading on the subject: “We tend to regard suffering, not evil, as the worst thing there is and to be more anxious to avoid the former than the latter.” (via Red Neck Woman, whom I have forgiven for implying that I am a vicious scorpion murderer by pointing out that St. Rose of Lima did not even kill mosquitoes.) 🙂

  3. Finding out you’re pregnant…at 24 weeks! Kim of Large Family Logistics thought she might have a tumor…turns out she’s pregnant with baby #9. Unfortunately some complications have come up, so please keep her and her family in your prayers.
  4. Two good links about atheism: DarwinCatholic has a great excerpt from Douglas Wilson from his debate with Christopher Hitchens. I thought his comments on atheism and “oughts” were interesting. And Amy Welborn chose a good excerpt from Hitchens’ brother’s response to his new book.
  5. Great, cheap chant and medieval music albums: I’ve finally started updating my iPod to have more stuff like Gregorian Chant and Rosary prayers set to music and less stuff like Busta Rhymes and bad dance remixes of bad Madonna songs. Matt’s list of album recommendations were a big help.
  6. Buying a car, responsibly: Tienne’s commitment to thinking of how she might be able to help the poor with everything she does is really inspiring. In this post she gives a humble, honest account of the ups and downs she went through in her car buying decision.
  7. Advice from a mom of seven: I enjoyed reading this advice by Jennie Chancey, who has seven children. In particular, I liked the glimpse into her daily and weekly schedule. (via Starry Sky Ranch)

  8. Two great gift ideas for Catholics: The Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner that Hope at Mother’s of Many Saints uses looks great. And I loved The Anchoress’ idea about sponsoring the flowers for an online Adoration site and requesting prayers for a loved-one’s intentions.
  9. Potty training advice: As usual, you readers were full of good ideas! It looks like I may be headed for having three children in diapers, but it sounds like that’s easier than trying to force the issue.
  10. Scorpion horror stories: Want to hear tales of scorpions in boots and bed sheets? Be sure to read the comments to my posts about scorpions here and here. Patrick wins the lifetime achievement award for Blog Comment That Has Cost Me the Most Sleep.

1 Comment

  1. Patrick

    I’m sorry to make you lose sleep. To make up for it, I have asked St. Joseph to pray for your protection from all venomous creatures. You may rest easy now.

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