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June 2, 2007 | 2 comments

============= ONE =============

Crisis of Faith and Salsa
(via Into the Deep)

Amalah writes a touchingly honest post about how seeing a man pray before eating a burrito at a fast food restaurant makes her wonder about her own fall away from Christianity. She ends with, “I wonder if he’ll ever know how much his actions spoke to me this Sunday.”

So much interesting stuff here. First, it just goes to show how living your faith at every minute of every day can impact the world in ways you could never imagine.

Second, the comments were interesting, if a little depressing. So many people wrote in to talk about how they too were raised in Christian households but are no longer religious. Some seemed wistful for their former faith, others were glad to be free of the “burden” and all those oppressive rules. It was hard not to write a 10, 000 word comment detailing my conversion story and all that I’ve learned about God and faith and guilt and sin and “rules” and how incredibly, incredibly awesome the truth really is.

============= TWO =============

An Authentic Show

Hope at Mothers of Many Saints asks a great question that’s been on my mind lately. She talks about the pressure she feels in public since, in this society where large families are rare, people will undoubtedly look to her to define what it’s like to have large families:

Although everyone is late now and then, or forgets or misplaces things, when a mother of a big family makes some such error, we think that others will believe that obviously we have too many children — too many children to care for properly. […]

Where I live, for various reasons, our family [of eight children] has been in the “public eye” of our community a good bit. Of course, I want to make a good impression and represent big families and my Catholic faith well, but how do we find the balance between wanting to give a respectable presentation, which is a good thing, while avoiding the sin of pride?

I’ve been thinking about this as well. Now that I’m visibly pregnant, when I go out with my two-year-old and my 11-month-old I sometimes get looks and comments. And I feel like if I look like a slob, if my kids misbehave, etc. people will look to that as an example that it’s just too hard to have closely-spaced children. Yet at the same time, I don’t want to cross the line into pridefulness, going out of my way to try to make people believe that I’m a perfect mother who has perfect children (as if anyone would ever believe that!) 🙂

Anyway, Hope has some great thoughts on how to handle this dilemma. Go read her whole post.

============= THREE =============

Simcha vs. the environmentalists: “You may want to get your spaceship ready now”

And, finally, I bring you Simcha. How did I not know about her site until now? It’s one of those blogs where I was forced to read her entire archives after scanning the first few posts.

Here is a series of recent back-and-forths between Simcha (who has seven children) and a commentor about environmentalism and big families. Simcha manages to make some great points while being coffee-spewed-all-over-my-keyboard funny:

The last one is my favorite. Every good argument with anti-big-family types should end with this line with which she closes her last post: “I do want to warn you, however, that the time is coming when the earth will be one seething, squirming, reproducing mass of Catholics and Muslims. You may want to get your spaceship ready now.”


  1. ARAD

    I found this post both heartening, and very sad. It was nice to see works of humility have such an effect on the poster, but of the comments to her article, people spoke in terms of selfishness, rather than love for God. I’m going to think about this for a while, as it ties into problems within many active churches I’ve attended.


  2. Monnie

    I haven’t read the links yet (although they look good), but I wanted to leave a comment on this post of yours (even if it IS from back in 2007 :)), because what you said about Simcha is exactly what I’ve found with you and this blog!

    “It’s one of those blogs where I was forced to read her entire archives after scanning the first few posts.”

    I’m spending my Sunday afternoon eagerly reading through your “Pregnancy #3” archives and looking forward to reading much more. 🙂 Thanks for a great, honest, heart-to-heart type of blog!

    By the way, I really admire your turning off the comments and hit counter during Lent(s)… What a great mortification/self-denial!

    God bless!

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