Friday Favorites for July 13

July 14, 2007 | 2 comments

Here are 12 of my favorite posts I came across this week:

  1. People who touched our lives: If you want a nice little read to brighten your day, scan through the comments to this post, in which Heather invited her readers to share stories of the people who touched their lives the most. Keep the Kleenex handy.
  2. Meeting Mary at the cross: Adoro te Devote has a moving post about her struggle of facing losing a beloved pet to a painful disease, just after she reluctantly decided to quit her job with no backup lined up. She has some beautiful insights about what we can learn from situations like this.
  3. Receiving communion on the hand: Seminarian Matthew has a post packed with interesting quotes and references to the question of whether or not to receive communion on the tongue or the hand. This is probably all old hat to cradle Catholics, but as a new convert I wasn’t aware that there were such strong feelings on the subject.
  4. The best invention EVER?: Did I put a question mark behind that statement? I didn’t mean to. This is the best invention, ever. Behold: TV-B-Gone.
  5. Purity and sex education: Very interesting reflection from Elena Maria Vidal about how “sex education” should be approached with young people. Her ideas are really good old fashioned common sense, yet sound somehow revolutionary in our crazy society.
  6. Indoor children: OK, so not everyone agreed with my theory that modern social isolation has led to some very unnatural living conditions. But I think we can all agree that something is seriously messed up when we need $20 million initiatives to try to get kids to go outside.
  7. How many pigs is your daughter worth?: Kristine Franklin never fails to tell it like it is, and this post is no exception. Let’s face it: not all cultural traditions speak the truth about humans and the world.
  8. “At least you have a healthy baby”: Bekah has some very interesting thoughts about what this commonly-used phrase indicates about how our society sees babies, women, and the process of giving birth.
  9. Grateful while striving for better: Kristin, who I picture as having an actual, visible halo floating above her head, has yet another beautiful post that leaves me feeling inspired yet somehow inept. I actually laughed out loud when I compared the description of her Tuesday morning to how things went down over here at my house that day. Maybe one of these days I’ll get there. Anyway, her post is lovely and definitely worth reading.
  10. Professional eater retires due to injury: I was going to suggest this as a career path for my children, but I didn’t realize how dangerous it was! Don’t miss the in-depth analysis of the secrets to this gentleman’s “hotdog eating prowess”. (via Slashfood)
  11. Known unto God: I’m not very familiar with the battle the writer of New House New Job discusses here, but I loved the post, particularly the last paragraph. It’s so comforting to know that even those who die seemingly anonymously are not lost and forgotten, but “known unto God”.
  12. Mary Meets Dolly is back!: One of my favorite blogs, Mary Meets Dolly, is back from hiatus. Rebecca, a molecular biologist, covers subjects like genetic engineering and bioethics from a Catholic perspective in layman’s terms that even people like me can understand. Welcome back!

And here’s a bonus link about somebody finally finding a good use for scorpions (thanks, Sarah L.) Actually…I wonder if this guy was the previous owner of our house?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Kristen Laurence

    Dear Jen, you are much too kind. Truly. Let me assure you a halo is nowhere near my body, much less my head! We have plenty of bad days, days of patience lost, messes everywhere, etc. I am a mother, after all!

    Thank you for your generous comments, though. They are much appreciated!

  2. La gallina

    Thoughts on TV-B-Gone and Indoor Kids.

    Kids are forced to go outside when the TV (and video games and computers) are gone! Yeah, Thanks Be to God for showing me that one before my kids got old enough to be addicted to the tube.

    Life is so much easier without the TV on all the time. It sounds weird but it’s true. My kids have had to learn to find their own entertainment rather than relying on the TV, and I usually have busy kids who RARELY say, “Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.”

    Their “downtime” entertainment is listening to stories on CD/tape while drawing pictures. And they spend lots of time digging in the dirt, building forts out of scrap wood, helping in the garden, swimming in the cheap plastic Walmart pool. Life is so fun with busy kids.

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