Friday Favorites for July 27

July 26, 2007 | 9 comments

Twelve of my favorite blog posts from this week:

  1. Rear-view lens for minivans and SUV’s: This isn’t an ad, I just wanted to rave about this great lens. A backup sensor or camera for our new minivan wasn’t in the budget so we just got this thing, and I can’t believe how well it works. For example: yesterday there was a Toyota Camry behind me at a light. Looking through my back window alone I could only barely see the top of its roof; through this lens I could see the entire car, down to below the tires. A must-have!
  2. How my garden does grow: Sarah offers a beautiful reflection on bringing new life into the world as a gardener, and as a mother.
  3. God can transform anything…even me: Pretend you read this post on my blog, because it’s better than the stuff that I write, and it conveys my thoughts exactly. Hallie pretty much sums up my pre-conversion life when she says, “I wore black, made snide remarks, and embraced cynicism.” If I ever write an autobiography I can pretty much cover the first couple of decades of my life with that one line.
  4. Pain and forgiveness: I had tears in my eyes after reading this email exchange between Sarah and her father, and her touching reflections on the challenge of Christian forgiveness.
  5. The broken rosary: Karen’s story of hope and prayer in the face of recurring miscarriage is beautiful. It’s also an inspiring reminder that sometimes God doesn’t answer prayers in the manner we expect (or hope), but they’re still answered prayers nonetheless.
  6. “I just don’t get anything out of going to church”: How many times have we all heard that one? Melanie has highlights from an article that’s a good reminder that going to church isn’t all about us.
  7. Answers to 20 “unanswerable” questions: Mahsheed lists the answers to 20 questions about God that many parents said were unanswerable (story about original parent survey here).
  8. Blood-sucking sins: It’s tick season where Kristine Franklin lives, and she makes a makes a great analogy to “little” sins and those little blood-sucking creatures. (Expect me to one-up her with a scorpion analogy soon.) (via Domestic Vocation)
  9. The cat who predicts death: Wow. Crazy. This is one of those reminders that there are a lot of unseen forces in the world that we haven’t even begun to understand. (On an unrelated note, do you think that the journalist who came up with the headline “Grim rea-purr” is maybe re-evaluating his career path right now?) (via Some Have Hats)
  10. A special mother is born: Leticia has a beautiful story about discovering her newborn daughter had Down Syndrome.
  11. What was the point of Vatican II?: I generally skip discussions like this since I don’t know enough about Vatican II and always end up overwhelmed by the details. Darwin, however, offers a very interesting, very readable summary of why the Second Vatican Council came about and the impact it’s had on the Church.
  12. Some “what if’s” before becoming a nun: I’d never thought about all the questions and concerns you’d have before entering religious life! Thanks to intothedeep for her honest reflection.

Thanks to the writers of all these great posts. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Hallie

    Wow. Thank you, Jen! Though I have to disagree on the quality of writing. I wish I could write as well as you do! 🙂

  2. Mahsheed

    Ditto this is great reading.

    My favorite was the discussion of Vatican II. It was most informative. I’ll probably link to it.

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for the link, Jen. I’m so glad my garden inspired you. 🙂

  4. Melanie B

    Another great list. Thanks for the link. I’m always glad to know that my writing has touched someone else.

  5. Sarah

    Thanks for the link Jen! Hope you are having a great weekend too;)

  6. Sister Mary Martha

    That cat lived at the nursing home where a friend of mine’s mother passed away and attended her death.

    As touching as the story is…I bet a lot of people dont want that cat anywhere near them.

  7. Karen E.

    “I wore black, made snide remarks, and embraced cynicism.”

    Oh, my goodness … me, too. You, Hallie and I should get together for coffee. After confession and Mass, of course. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kinds words on the Broken Rosary piece, and for your previous mention of the planning post. 🙂

  8. Leticia

    ust after I read about that fantastic rear-view mirror, I read this; please pray for a devout Catholic father of 8 who just ran over his toddler in the driveway with his SUV, on his way to Sunday Mass.
    I can’t imagine his anguish, or that of his family.

  9. Love2Learn Mom

    Thanks for the info on the SafeView. We just purchased one and I love it. I just reviewed it on my blog too…

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