Personal encounters with Jesus

July 22, 2007 | 29 comments

I was listening to a radio interview with Steve Ray the other day, and he mentioned that for many years he was a lukewarm Christian, until he had a “personal encounter with Jesus Christ” that changed his life and brough him back to faith in a big way.

I realized that I’ve heard this phrase used all my life, yet I’m not sure what it means. I understand encountering Jesus as a general term — e.g. I feel that I’ve seen and felt his presence many times in the actions of saintly people, in prayer, in the Eucharist, etc. — but it’s often used to describe a single, powerful, life-changing experience, as in “I was on the wrong path but turned my life around after I had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ”. From what I can gather these events typically don’t involve hearing the voice of God or seeing a great vision, so I can’t figure out what exactly they are.

For some reason this concept has really piqued my interest, so I would love to hear any thoughts on this. Also, if it’s not too personal, I’d be honored if anyone would share his or her own story of a personal encounter with Christ.


  1. La gallina

    I am with you on this one. However, my parents had very powerful personal experiences with Jesus Christ. My parents were hardcore, free-love, pot-smoking hippies. They lived for getting high, along with the other hippies in the various communes we lived in. My dad was raised Catholic, but left the Faith. My mom was raised “secular Jew” with a secretly-practicing Catholic mother and had no religious upbringing at all.

    One day they heard a Baptist preacher on the radio. They drove to his church where they got gave their lives to God. (I was about 4 then.) From that moment on they completely turned their lives around. They went from one absolute extreme to the other literally overnight, and changed the direction of our family (of 6 kids).

    I, on the other hand, was never even remotely interested in church etc. (Even though my father became a pastor.) As soon as I left home, I never attended church and became an agnostic. I proudly stated I was NOT a Christian.

    I came to the Catholic church because I finally realized I wanted my kids to have some positive religious influence, and my husband was Catholic. But the Catholic faith slowly pulled me in and made me “fall in love.”

    Though I’ve never had that “personal experience with Christ” I do cry during Mass on a fairly regular basis, and I’m not sure why. I think it is all my years of cynicism dropping away as Christ touches my heart in a very gentle way.

    One of the things I could never grasp about religion was I could never “feel” God. But the Catholic Church has changed that for me. Praying the rosary, and saying other prayers throughout the day make my faith alive for the first time ever. I still don’t “feel” God in the way you mention, but I have been undeniable changed in my journey into the Faith.

  2. Tertium Quid

    I grew up around charismatics, so personal encounters with Jesus Christ were expected. I don’t deny that I had them, but my faith was not rooted in any authority, and charismatics are notorious “surfers” after the Holy Spirit.

    We were members of the Episcopal church, which had traditional liturgy without orthodoxy. We went to Bible studies, Sunday night services, and retreats with charismatics, who prayed for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself, and sometimes He did.

    One time, however, a fellow stood up during a service and said that God was coming to get the U.S.A. and there was nothing we could do about it. Half the congregation never came again, partly because of what he said, partly because the preacher let anyone say anything.

    Catholicism has been my rock since 1996. I enjoy the Real Presence in the Sacraments, and they are tied to constitutional authority.

    Now for my experience:

    When my baby was a newborn in a bassinet, I had a dream of the Blessed Virgin, and she was weeping for all the sins of the world, a dream akin to that of St. Faustina of the Divine Mercy. I woke up wet all over my face with tears. I looked up from my bed and saw a glow behind the bassinet and the shape of the Blessed Virgin.

    I don’t claim to be a mystic or a saint. I have not had any similar dreams or encounters. For a brief moment, however, I shared the grief of Our Lady of Sorrows.

  3. Kate

    It’s good to be aware that “personal encounter with Jesus Christ” is a sort of shorthand that, when examined closely, can describe everything from extraordinary “Road to Emmaus” moments, to moments of emotional conviction (as I had as a teenager), to the conscious acceptance that Christ lived, died, and rose for you, personally. IMO, the emotional experiences and supernatural occurances fall under the category of “spiritual consolations” which God sends to some people, and not others (and guarantees to no one, as evidenced by the many mystics who went from plentiful consolations to the dark night of the soul). Experiencing consolations is not necessarily a sign of God’s particular favor, nor is it some sort of spiritual poverty to be one of the ones who “does not see, and yet believes”.

  4. Patrick

    Kate said it well. As with so many things in Protestant groups, the phrase “personal encounter” can mean radically different things to different people. Broadly speaking, I think it usually refers to a moment when you realize you are a sinner and you seek redemption in Christ. It can be very dramatic or quite simple.

    Also remember that to Evangelicals, salvation is a one-time event. You have a personal encounter and from that moment you are “saved.” Unlike Catholics, their belief is once saved, always saved. Hence it is very, very important to have one of these experiences. It is roughly equivalent to going to confession (minus the priest, of course) and pouring out your heart to God, but it only happens once in a lifetime.

  5. yofed

    I had one of these moments when I was 14… I was singing in an oratorio (like an opera, but with a religious subject). Briefly, There was me, a child trying to find her way in life, the woman, trying to protect me, a cynical man saying God was dead and Jesus, played by my teacher.

    Jesus and the child were talking (my teacher and I)and at one point, he was singing I had to choose between the reason men clings to or choose the cross. It felt like it was someone else talking directly to me. I felt it so deeply I forgot what I was supposed to say next, and I was almost in trance for hours after.

    In the following weeks, a lot changed in my life, enough to seriously consider becoming a sister… by the time I was 20, I forgot some of it, and stopped going to church, until an other incident happened, but I am not ready to talk about it quite yet.

  6. Maria

    My father had an experience that he has always referred to as a “St. Paul” moment in college. To this day, he celebrates the anniversary of the day he was able to truly surrend his life to Christ.

    He was raised Catholic, but by college was living an immoral lifestyle and was an alcoholic, even though he continued to go to Confession and Mass. Three weeks before graduation, he met a young Protestant girl who shared her personal relationship with Christ with him. My dad explained that he tried to go to church and reform, but just failed terribly. She asked him whether he had ever really encountered Jesus personally and surrendered his life to him. My dad realized that while he had been trying to live out the form of his faith, he hadn’t really met Jesus or surrendered his life into His hands.

    He decided to give his life over to Christ and a group of the girl’s church members prayed over him. To this day, he still knows exactly what he prayed:

    I said, “Lord, tomorrow I’m going to be drunk, unless you do something about it because I can’t. These people tell me that you can do anything, so I hope you will help me. I’m sorry for all the sins of my life. I don’t know if you want a guy like me, but if you do, my life is yours. I’ll do whatever you want for the rest of my life. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit.” I prayed those words with all the sincerity, honesty, and love that I could summon.

    At that time, he says he was filled with an amazing light and grace..that he can only explain it as a foretaste of heaven. Since that time, he has never been drunk again in his life. He also was immediately given the grace to quit swearing and using the Lord’s name in vain. It was an experience that radically changed his life forever. He has remained a strong Catholic and would never say that one is simply “once saved, always saved,” but realizes that he was given a tremendous grace at that moment in time.

    I never had a “one moment” conversion like that, though I have experienced what I would call spiritual consolations, but I simply think the Lord works in all of our lives in different ways. Some need to be knocked down by a hurricane; others can be moved by whispering breezes. But we can encounter Christ personally in both ways.

  7. Christine

    I know that this phrase means so many things to many people but I love that as Catholics we have the Eucharist. Let me explain.

    When I was a teenager – I went to a summer youth conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Now at these conferences or Youth 2000, (or many other Catholic conferences for youth or adults), they have a Saturday night program of adoration and a holy hour where they process the Monstrance around the space. It is so amazing to see how Jesus touches people through the Eucharist and how you can really feel His Presence there too.

    The first time I ever went to one of these conferences I was so moved by how much Jesus loved me. When the Eucharist came around it was like I heard Jesus speaking – “You will never be perfect, but I love you anyway.” And something about having Jesus so close to you in an Eucharistic procession is incredible.

    That experience really affected me, and if nothing else convinced me of the real presence of the Eucharist, as well as a personal, loving God who knew me inside and out.

    Now I’ve been to many more of these conferences both personally and as a chaperone for teenagers. At one, the priest brought the monstrance around to each person and allowed them a moment’s full face stare at the Host. The power and love radiating from Our Lord is incredible.

    I truly believe that if anyone wants the Lord to give them a personal experience with Him – adoration is one of the best ways to do this. It doesn’t have to be one of these nights – simply going to adoration is enough. God is there and He will touch someone who wants Him too.

  8. La gallina

    I don’t think everyone gets a big “Jesus” moment. And I don’t think that is a bad thing. For some of us, more faith is required, but we find it and we believe. For others, they are never, ever going to believe – period. Then God sends them a sign, a vision, something tangible. (Think St. Paul)

  9. Megan Elizabeth

    This is going to be long, but you asked.

    My mother is a cradle Catholic and I was baptized as a baby, but at the time Mom was very much a cultural Catholic. We went to Mass about once a month, but I was never really taught anything about my faith. I got the impression that church was an optional thing. After all, my dad didn’t go at all.

    For some reason, I was always very strongly attracted to the Eucharist. I had my first confession and communion when I was 7. Yet I still didn’t really identify as Cathoic. I remember once a few months after my first communion I was visiting my grandmother’s Protestant church and I got really upset because Grandma wouldn’t let me take communion. I didn’t understand the distiction between the Catholic Eucharist and the Protestant communion.

    When I was 8 or 9, it suddenly entered my head that we went to church to worship God. I started to get really curious about this God person.

    Shortly before I turned 10, we started homeschooling. I practically memorized the Baltimore Catechism. I prayed my first rosary when I was 10 years old, and promptly fell in love with Our Lady.

    At the same time, I decided that my dad needed to be Catholic, so I started praying for his conversion.

    When I was 12, God gave me the grace of spiritual dryness. I call this a grace because it forced me to realize that God is not a “grandfather in the sky” who just wants everybody to be happy and will give them everything they ask for.

    All this is a very long introduction to what I consider the critical moment in my faith journey. Basically, I’m at a crossroads between being comfortable and following God even when it’s difficult.

    Then my sister’s cat died. That might sound really silly, but I was 12, remember? It seemed like a big deal at the time. It was the first time that God didn’t say yes to something I prayed for. And I told the Holy Spirit to take a hike.

    That lasted for 10 days. Finally it came to the point where I just laid it all on the line and asked God why bad things happened. The only answer God gave me was that bad things are going to happen no matter what. Was I going to decide that it was all pointless, or was I going to trust that God did have a plan even when I couldn’t see it?

    I chose to trust God. I asked the Holy Spirit to come back, because I just couldn’t make it without grace. I did recieve a consolation then, but at the moment of choice there wasn’t any warm fuzzy feeling. Just a cold, hard choice to follow God no matter what.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to give my life story, but I do think it’s possible to have a conversion experience without there being any kind of emotion at the time.

    As a postscript, there are consolations. Like the night my dad became Catholic. I’ve also been to 2 Steubenville youth conferences and both were extremely profound experiences. I could go on, but I’ll stop hogging the combox.

  10. Christine the Soccer Mom

    There have been experiences for me, but not many are earth-shattering, emotional things.

    First one was on the day of my first Holy Communion, which happened to be my eighth birthday. (Best. Present. Ever.) I literally cried with joy because I knew Who I was receiving. I was also chosen from among the hundreds of children to help bring up the gifts. My only fear that day was that I’d trip on my way up while carrying the cruette of wine. 😉

    Much later in life, I was dating Hubby, who did not believe in God. (He was raised Methodist, and maybe I’ll get him to write a guest post for me on his journey in faith.) We were involved in a business that we attended several functions for, and these functions always had non-denominational worship services on Sunday mornings. We attended them, and I must admit that my faith was helped by these services. Though I never left the Church (thank You, Lord!), I did doubt some portions of the faith at times. It’s taken quite a bit of time to work through the things I became confused about, but very, very good things happened because of these services. Hubby heard things anew. Stuff I’m pretty sure he’d heard at some point in life.

    Now, at this point we were only dating, and then later engaged. As our wedding drew nearer, we discussed very seriously the topic of faith. Hubby (then Fiance) maintained that his lack of faith should not be a factor in our children’s faith formation. He would be faithfully attending Mass with me when we had children. He would marry me in a Catholic church (my parish) and would never let his lack of faith stand in the way of what was so important to me. This was okay, a minimum, really, but I knew that a man as good-hearted as he was wouldn’t remain away from God forever. I hoped for his conversion, and I worked at trying to convince him that he was wrong.

    This did not work at all. As a matter of fact, any discussions of this sort usually resulted in me getting a headache. So I stopped.

    Now, back briefly to this business thing. We usually had books recommended to us, self-help sorts and business sorts, and because Hubby and I are voracious readers, we took them and read them all. Many of them had Christian undertoners to them, which I liked. I gave absolutely no thought to what Hubby thought of them at all.

    I was away at college, and because the students at our school wouldn’t be present for Easter Vigil Mass, those students who had been in RCIA at the Cathedral in St. Augustine, FL, were confirmed early. I sat at Mass, which I am sorry to say I did not attend regularly, and watched two girls get Confirmed and received into the Church. (One was even Baptized!) I sat after Communion and cried. Finally, I did what I should have done from the start and prayed that God would touch Hubby’s heart. We were already scheduled for Engaged Encounter, our wedding date was set, and I wanted a Christian wedding to mean something for both of us!!

    The very next night, I called Hubby from the phone in the hall. He said at one point, “I finished reading such-and-such.”

    “Really? How was it?”

    “Interesting. I’ve noticed that a lot of the books recommended are pretty Christian.”

    “Uh, huh.”

    “Yeah. I think I might be a Christian.”

    I had to sit on that thought for a WEEK before I saw him again and discussed it with him in person. And, lo and behold, Hubby went up for the altar call at the next business function (March 21, 1993). It took until 2006, but he did eventually enter the Catholic Church. But I’ll never forget that when I finally asked Him, God answered that prayer with a resounding and immediate YES.

    Thankfully, I have learned that our faith cannot and should not hinge on a big emotional feeling. I know you know that. 😉 But that means that as Catholics we might not have that Big Moment that we can point to as a Personal Encounter With Christ.

    Of course, we do have that Personal Encounter every Sunday at Mass, but it doesn’t always result in us being in tears or overwhelmed with the immensity of it all. We can’t all be as Blessed Imelda was, huh?

    (And as an aside, Jen, I absolutely love all of your musings on the faith. I just wish I could catch you on the radio! I keep missing it!)

  11. Anonymous

    Have you ever heard it said that Catholicism is a “both/and” religion? Where Protestantism says “faith alone” or “scripture alone,” Catholicism says “faith and works,” “scripture and tradition.” The issue of encounters with Jesus is yet another example of this trend.

    As best I can tell, Martin Luther had an experience of God that changed his life forever. He read in the Bible that St. Paul had such an experience too. So Luther assumed that such experiences were normative, and that the Catholic Church was wrong for not stressing them. As a result, most Protestants down through to today tend to think that one is saved once and for all through a personal encounter with Christ.

    Catholics, on the other hand, believe that with some people have these experiences (see St. Paul; there are many others), many of us approach God in baby steps and not in great leaps.

    This is one of the things that I, who have had “moments of clarity” but have never had a life-changing encounter with Christ, like about Catholicism. The Faith fits all shapes and sizes.

    – Joe Magarac

  12. Sarah


    One of your commenters made the following statement, “Also remember that to Evangelicals, salvation is a one-time event. You have a personal encounter and from that moment you are “saved.” Unlike Catholics, their belief is once saved, always saved. Hence it is very, very important to have one of these experiences. It is roughly equivalent to going to confession (minus the priest, of course) and pouring out your heart to God, but it only happens once in a lifetime.”

    I have been so blessed to learn about the “real Christian” sect of Catholicism, that I was not before, by reading your blog. Let me illuminate your readers as to the “real Christian” sect of the Protestant church. That statement is grotesquely wrong. While many Baptists, and a few other denominations, believe in the “once saved always saved” doctrine, MOST who call themselves evangelical would consider that a great heresy.

    We are being saved. Those who endure to the end are the ones who will be saved. We do not confess to priests, but we do confess our sins, one to another, and to God. Redemption and repentance are constant and continual.

    I attend one of the largest evangelical churches in the country (14,000 members), and once saved always saved is not preached or accepted by the pastors or the congregation of my church.

  13. Sarah


    OK, now for the issue of personal encounters. I guess I have had about two hundred or more instances that *I* would consider personal encounters with Jesus. And, you are right, they are usually not overtly dramatic. Only one of my “encounters” involved the audible voice of the Lord. The encounter that began my walk with the Lord happened when I was only four years old, so I don’t have much memory of it. I know from stories that I suddenly needed far fewer spankings; and, that when my mom questioned me about the change, I responded, “Jesus is helping me be better.” I think that has become the mantra of my life;)

    Frankly sweet Sister, you may just have a larger measure of faith than most. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed!

    But, my favorite, and the most life-changing encounters I have had with my Lord, are simply this: From time to time He finds it necessary to reach into my chest and snap my hard heart like a twig! It’s painful, and usually involves a lot of weeping on my part. But it’s important for me, growing up as a “good girl” to be reminded that I am a hideous sinner, saved only by grace!

  14. Sarah

    Ohmygoodness!!! One more thing!

    Protestant here, and *I* am saved by grace, through faith…evident in my WORKS!

    Ephesians 2:8

    James 2

  15. Anne Marie

    For me the personal encounter occurred when I grasped the reality of John 3:16, all that it promises and all it required of Jesus. And all for ME, boy of boy no snowy Christmas morning with a new pony out in the barn could even come close to the unspeakable joy. I even waived and smiled at every stranger I passed on the street for a while.

    After that no measure of obedience to Christ seamed to much, and so Home to Rome I came, happy, sappy and proud to be a Catholic Christian.

  16. Christine the Soccer Mom

    Sarah, I love your comments! 🙂

    Those times when we can hear His voice are more than a bit amazing. I was once praying sincerely for something, doing a 54 day Rosary novena, and during the 27 days of thanksgiving, I heard very clearly, “My time is not your time.” I stopped praying mid-Hail Mary and said (aloud), “What?”

    “My time is not your time.”

    So, even though I finished my 27 days of thanksgiving, and I know that my request will be granted, I also know that I’ll be waiting until His time has come. It’s been nearly three years since that day. Only He knows when it’s going to happen, but when I feel worried about the situation (I’ll write specifically on it only after it’s happened), I recall His words to me.

  17. Patrick

    Sarah, I think your issue with my comment is really about what groups are considered “evangelical.” Since there is no central authority it is very hard to pin down.

    Southern Baptists generally consider themselves “evangelical” and are probably the largest single group in this category. As you say, they believe once save/always saved. Certainly there are many other groups like yours with varying beliefs.

  18. Aimee

    Here’s mine.

    I think that there are as many different ways of experiencing the Lord, both subtle and overt, as there are people in the world, because no two of us are exactly alike, and the Lord works with each of us very individually – but we all come together in the Eucharist.

    One thing that is true in the spiritual tradition of the Church: at some point, regardless of our experiences, we go past experience into a deeper, more purely faith reliance on the Lord, which is deeply purifying. St. John of the Cross calls it the dark night of faith, or the dark night of the soul.

    I just recently ran across your blog, and really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  19. JF


  20. JF

    I was an evangelical Baptist all of my life. I have used a hammer to smach records of rock music, knocked on doors to witness to people, gone to the evangelical Bible camps listening to Amy Grant and David Chapman all the way there and back, attend Christian rock concerts, you name it. I (and everyone I knew) came to Christ through highly emotional “altar calls” and I was baptized by full immersion. I went to church on Sundays and Wednesdays and stayed for the dinner afterwards on Wednesday nights. In short, I am an evangelical. Only now I am Catholic.

    In short, I feel qualified to discuss what evangelicals mean when they talk about “an encounter with Christ.”

    I now have an encounter with Him every week at Mass. I gnaw His flesh and drink His blood. And all around me people tear up because they feel his presence, and the conviction of one’s own sins that comes with His presence.

    La Gallina – You are not missing anything. You are moved to tears because he is there.

    Evangelicals – Check out the Eucharist some time. It’s the gift that Jesus left behind for us when he left us bodily. And it’s not made up by the bad old Catholic Popes. It’s biblical.

  21. terry dean

    On jan-2nt 2005, I terry witness this, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.I heard wind, then he appeared looking like A 2ft x 5ft tornado in the cab of the semi truck, when the spinning wind stopped it became and was the form and shape of a man.
    He said with a loud voice, “I am the lord your GOD and besides me there is no other”. At this point as he appeared I looked at him right in the face, His face was full of a fierce anger, his body looked like flowing energy that was tan in color, after seeing his face 1 time I did not look at his face again for the next 2 days because I felt I was not worthy to look upon his face or worthy for him to look upon my face.
    The magnitude of his presents cannot be put into words.
    The power of his voice was overwhelming and cannot be defined or titled or put into words.
    I felt totally exposed and vulnerable at his presents.
    Then he said, ” I am giving you your deliverance, I am setting the captive free, I have cast out the demons again, you have your healing and your salvation so now stand”.
    Then he said “I am going into my temple and tare out the furniture and tare down the walls and build a new temple and bring in heavenly furniture and we will go in and sup together” , then he leaned forward and put His hands together and became a stream of energy or electricity that flowed right into my chest, I could feel him enter my chest.
    Then I started to feel better and almost lighter as if heavy sin was being removed, this went on for about 30 minutesor so.
    At about 3:00am he came back out the way he went in, a stream of flowing energy came out of my chest and formed a man shape and stood in front of me, I kept my head down a littleso i would not look at his face, then he stepped to my rite and stood there for 10-15 min, I was petrified so I sat there driving the semi truck for that 10-15 min and nothing was said, I could not stop crying or shaking.

    page 2
    He made it clear he was angry about the way I have been living because I was living for him part of the time not all of the time.
    I was very scared and said LORD GOD you are going to give me a heart attack, and He said ” I will take your heard of stone and give you a heart of flesh and with your new heart I will give you a new song”, now it took him only one second for him to do and say this, he reached his hand into my chest and gave me a new heart, and pulled his hand out and said “And a new song” as 4 stars flew from his finger tips, now as soon as the stars him me a song started, the music was beautiful and not of this world, it sounded like singing angels as the song filled the cab of the truck, this was the first song of 4 songs in a roll I heard,I have played the drums for 20 years and believe you me the timing and notes were not of this world, very very lovely songs.
    Now at this point a great peace came over me and i felt blessed and pure.
    Then he calmed down and his fierce fury and anger left him and he was no longer angry, but before in his anger I was and am sure that no man or army’s or weapons or powers of any kind could go against him and live or stand.
    Then he stood in front of me and put his hands together and became that flowing stream of energy that flowed into my chest.
    Now the next thing I know we are standing together at the front doors of a large temple.
    The doors opened and we walked in, at this point he was in the form of a man made with flesh and bone, he had on a great robe, it was white.
    Now the temple was made of gold , but the floor was made of bright silver.
    At the back of the temple was a great throne made of gold, the back of the throne was very high and beautiful, we are standing just inside the temple doors and to our right is a large table set with food, the table was 3ft x 40ft long, we walked over to the table sat down and started to eat, we said nothing at supper, then he stood upand walked over to his throne and he sat down.
    I got up just enough to go to the floor with my face on the floor and I crawled to the corner of the temple by the table, I kept my face to the floor as low as I could get. With my hands over my face I cried and wept in the corner.
    After a little a little time passed I felt I had to go to his throne, so I said Lord God and he said “yes”, I said may I come to your throne and he said “come”, so I crawled to him with my face to the floor, I was crying and trembling.
    I started kissing his feet and washing them with my tears.
    Now the love and compassion coming from him was over whelming,

    page 3
    Then I felt not worthy even to kiss his feet so I said “Lord” and he said “yes” I said may I leave your throne, He said “yes”, so I kept my face to the floor and crawled back to the corner where I was before and with my hands over my face I stayed there bowed down crying and weeping.
    After what seemed to be about 10 minutes my heart started to yearn for him overwhelmingly so I said “lord”, he said “yes”, I said can I come back to your throne, he said “come”, so I crawled back to him with my face to the floor, I reached his feet and with much crying and weeping I started to kiss his feet again.
    I knew he could read my mind and I knew I thought I was not worthy to look upon his face.
    After what seemed to be about 5 minutes I said ” lord” He said “yes”, I said “may I leave your throne”. He said “yes”, so I crawled back to the corner like before and stayed there crying with my hands over my facebowed down.
    After a little while I yearned for him again, everything in me and of me was saying go back to him, I must go back , so I said “Lord” he said “yes”, I said “May I come back to your throne,he said “yes” so I started crawling back to him like before face down and crying.
    Now this was the 3rd time I went to his thrown, I was kissing His feet and washing them with my tears.
    Then I said “Lord”,he said “yes”, I said “May I leave your throne”, he said “yes”, so with my face to the floor I crawled only 2 feet and he said “stand up and walk back like a son”, so I stood up happy and tall and walked back to the table where we had ate before, I sat there about 10 minutes with my hands over my face.
    Then he stood up and walked over to me. I stood up and we walked together to the other side of the large table where there was a small table, on the small table was a diagram of what I would do.
    Then he said “I am giving you a new name,your new name is the messenger and the witness, you are in my hand and I am in your heart and I have blessed you before the foundation of the world, you were in christ during his ressurection, I am sending you to stand in front of many people”, I said “Lord god I can’t do that”, he said ” I have taken your soiled rags and givin you a robe of righteousness, I will give you the power and the boldness and go before you and I will open the door and you will enter in and the rivers will be full and the shade shall be plenty”.
    I said “why me Lord”, He said “You are a tree I have been pruning and trimming for my purpose and glory.
    Now tell the people I gave them this message, I have sent you and if they know me they will recieve you because you are of me, and if they recieve you not it is because they know not me who sent you, and if they know not me who sent you they will be damned.
    I am your God and besides me there is no other, I have life in my hand. I the lord have spoke it.

    page 4
    “I am He, when you come to my throne you bring with you fear in one hand and trembling in the other hand, do not bring with you idle talk or childrens games for there is a fierce war in heaven and earth, after you enter into the kingdom then you will rejoice and be glad, but for now bring with you fear and trembling”.
    Then he pointed down at the diagram on the small table and said “here you are standing infront of many people and you will do very good for a time and reaching many, you will stand and your ministry will stand, and right here you will leave and go straight through the gates of the kingdom and enter into the kingdom”.
    Your robe is already there waiting for you, and your crown is there also.
    Then He said “All of your family will be saved and enter the kingdom”.
    Now the next thing I know we are back in the cab of the semi truck, He is standing to my right and I am driving just like before we went into his temple.
    The truck was not stopped or pulled over at any time, it is now 4:30am, I was amazed and crying and thinking of all he had told me, then he said ” I am going into my temple “. Then he turned into that stream of energy again and flowed into my chest again.
    We did not talk for the next hour but the music was still coming out of me, the music was loud, the music was not of this world, it was so beautiful and sounded like singing angels, maybe 10 or 15 of them.
    Now at about 6 o’clock I was wondering if he was still in me so i said “Lord God”, and he said “I am here”, so i drove till about 7 o’clock and arrived at my delivery and pick-up point,in Coalinga CA at I-5 Hwy and 198 Hwy, I arrived 3 minutes early and traded trucks with the driver from the south from Fontana CA I started my return trip at 7:15am, now as I was driving I would remember parts of what happened so I would pull over and write them down and I pulled over many times on the way back.
    Now then the Lord spoke from inside me he sounded like many lions roaring at the same time, and sometimes He sounded as soft as a lamb.
    I arrived back at the truck terminal in Willows at 12:30pm, I got in my car and started to drive home.

    page 5
    So I arrived home and sat down shaking and crying, I could not stop,it was so intense, I just sat there shaking and crying.
    My wife was soon home and I started to tell her all that had happened to me, she started crying saying thank you jesus thank you Lord.
    We wept together and cried together for the rest of the evening.
    I did sleep before going back to work but not much.
    I woke up and got ready for work, I left for work at 12:45am on day #2.
    Now normally I would pray at this time when I first start driving, asking the Lord to watch over me and my driving, and to protect my family while I am away, but I was still shuck up from what happened and did not feel like praying or talking to the Lord right then so I said “Lord” He said “I am here”, I said “I’m still shook up from yesterday, is it okay if we talk later, He said “yes” so i kept on driving and wondering what would happen later.
    Now when the Lord would talk His voice came right out of me because he was inside of me, it was not a little small voice inside me like I sometimes here, when he talked for these 2days his voice was as fierce as a lion or sounded like many waterfalls sometimes his voice was as meek as a lamb, very calm,but always clear just the way it sounds when someone is in the room talking, his voice filled the car or cab of the truck, I heard it with regular ears.
    So I got to work at 1:45am, picked up the semi truck and drove south on I-5 like normal.
    At about 4am there was a strong rushing wind that came out of me in the form of a tornado, it just sat to my right spinning for a minute, it was about 3ft by 4ft high.
    It stopped, he was in the form of a man but was red in color, bright red and look like flowing electricity, I looked and in his right hand was a big red ball, it was about the size of a basketball and it looked like bright red flowing electricity or energy.
    He said with a loud voice “recieve ye fire”, and he slammed the red ball on my chest, it exploded on me and went all over me and in me, I was jerking back and forth.
    The energy was so strong it took my breath, I had to catch my breath then I looked over and He now has a big blue ball in his right hand, and it looked like energy or electricity, this blue ball was bigger than the red ball and he was bigger to.
    Then he said with a loud voice “Recieve Ye Hold Ghost”, then he slammed it on my chest and it exploded on me and went over me and in me again, and again I was jerking back and forth, I had to catch my breath again, and he said in a loud voice, “Many men have cried and many men would have died to see what you have seen”.

    page 6
    Then he put his hands together and turned into a stream of energy that flowed into my chest again.
    So I sat there dringing and thinking.
    Now at about 5am he came out of me again the same way , loud wind and a spinning tornado, when he stopped he wasin the form as before, tan in color.
    Then he said in a loud voice “put on the whole Armor of GOD and keep your eyes on JESUS and your heart on the HOLY GHOST, I am giving you gifts of the spirit”
    I said what gift’s LORD, he said “Discerning of spirit’s and the ability to cast out evil spirit’s”, then I said what other gift’s Lord, He said “Let it be according to your faith”.
    then went back inside me, so I sat there driving the truck and thinking.
    I arrived at Colinga CA at about 7:30am, traded trucks and started back north at 7:45
    At 8:45am, I said LORD, he said “yes”, I said I am sorry they crucified you he said “it is all right it had to be done”.
    I arrived back at the willows terminal at 1:00pm and got in my car heading for home.
    Then he said “On the 3rd day I will reveal what you should do, and go to the church and have the elders out there hands on you and anointing you with oil so that you will recieve your healing.”
    When I got home I was wondering what the Lord would reveal (tomorrow) on the 3rd day, so I sat there rested and prayed, I was thinking about all that had happened over the last 2 days, I went to bed early at about 7:30pm.
    I woke up early at 5am, it was the 3rd day and i was excited about what the Lord would reveal that I should do, and it did not take him long to do it.
    I said “LORD”, he said nothing, I said “LORD”, he said nothing “Oh no my LORD your gone”. Then he revealed to me what I should do.
    I had thought and was thinking that he was going to be in me in POWER and talk to me as I went on my mission and talk to me as I did my ministry, in other words to hold my hand every step of the way, and to guide me, but now I realize that I must go forth in faith and as a man, and walk in the spirit, as a son of GOD.

    Page 7
    Not go forth as a boy having my hand held.
    Now I know he is inside me, I know he will lead me, but I wanted to hear his voice like I did, and see him come out of me as a rushing wind, I wanted to ask him questions and hear his answers, to just stand in his presents and feel the love and compassion coming from him.
    When I realized he was not going to be in me and with me in that kind of POWER I broke down real bad and started crying very bitterly, I sat there crying and pleading to him LORD,LORD, please come back, I need to hear your voice again.
    Well I was not able to call him back to me, that does not surprise me because I did not call him to me the first time, he came to me when he was ready, I was not even praying.
    I am nothing special, just a man who believes that GOD will do what he wants, when he wants, and who he wants according to his will, and I know he will complete his work in me.



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    or call me at 530-990-6468

  22. Eve

    I have seen Jesus, the man. He has been back. I don’t know when he will reveal himself to the entire world or how, but I do not speak in “code” talk or misleading ways when I say that he is real.

    I have told a couple of people.. I guess my biggest worry is that I did not go when he left. . and now, I wonder “what now”.

    he did put his hand on my head, and after a while passed he said “You are alive”.

    All I can do is replay the events from that evening in my head. . over and over.. I can only speculate what it all means.

    He did say I had lived thousands of lives, and I think that maybe it is like Revelations, when he brings the Saints back to life.

    I know this was real because I was a shell of myself from the ways of my childhood, and now, I am more like myself, my true innocent real soul self, than I was before. I feel closer to me again.

    • Eve

      **i also want to note that this happened on september 30, 2005**

  23. Eve

    i also want to note that this happened on september 30, 2005

  24. cal ranch

    First off, I first experienced the Lord telling me that’s as long as he was worshipped, the church I joined did not matter. I want share with all of you the my personal testimony with the Lord are significant and strong. I only wish my flesh was as strong as my spirit. I have personally experienced evil and prevailed thanks the Lord. I may share that experience some day with all of you. I extoll all of you to do a kind and selfless gesture to someone you don’t know. Do what the Lord would even when you think no one is looking. Pray for those who are suffering now. GoD Bless all of you.

  25. Terry

    My personal encounter with Jesus began while I was pregnant with my first son. I would see things in my home with my natural eyes. I thought they were just pregnancy halucinations. I would see black spiders and strange sights. One night I watched my husband’s face transform into a hideous monster then back again very swiftly. These were God’s way of hinting to me something was very wrong in my life. I was a christian in that I believed in God, but I did not know him personally. I read about, I heard about him, but He and I never spoke or conversed. I lived to entertain myself and I never prayed. I thought God was boring! He just couldn’t compete with my racy shows and movies. I forgot about God and I lived for myself. Then the baby came, that first night home strange things happened in the house. Things would fall on thier own and move. I heard wierd sounds at night. I don’t mean to scare anyone, this is what I had to deal with! I was terrified and confused. I was hurt with God and I kept asking why are you letting this happen to me?! I am a christian! I had horrific nightmares of incest and torture that literally and physically hurt. The dreams were so awful I dreaded the sunsets because it meant night was coming and the nightmares too. I tried rebuking evil spirits using Jesus’ name. Still I was tormented. Until finally I had enough! I live in a two story home and at the time I was sleeping downstiars to avoid taking my newborn up and down the stairs. I had a room upstairs that was something like a sanctuary, a safe place where I once sat and prayed and read my bible. I had good memories of God from that room. So one day I declared that I would return to God, and I moved to the upstairs bedroom. I just felt an urge to do it, that moving up there would have spiritual ripples. So I did. And after weeks of suffering and trying to fight the battle without God. I surrenered. I said, “Lord, I need you. I am so so sorry for forgetting you. Please come back. Then the most wonderful thing happened.Jesus met me in that place of brokeness. Not physically, but in my mind I could see him. He was so peaceful and unafraid. He was swimming in this lovely cove surrounded by trees and greenery. And I was there too. I saw him embrace me and hold me and I could feel his heart’s passion for me. It was so intense! I remember thinking, “Lord,you REALLY love me!” I had no idea he was so passionate about me! I felt like Bella in Twilight, or Cora from the Last of the Mohicans. I felt so treasured and adored! He was not passive over me, I could feel his jealousy for me. And then I saw him place a wooden stick behind my back and he pressed me into himself securing the hold he had. I knew that represented his eagerness for me not to leave him. Then I could hear his thoughts, his voice internally. He said, “I never left you. You left me. You stepped away from me and my protection.” I understood that God did not want me to suffer, but I brought it upon myself by my selfish lifestyle. I cried realizing my folly. He knew how scared and fearful I was. I was so scared I would not even like to get up at night to use the bathroom and I slept with a light on. I would constantly look over my shoulder and jerk at the slightest thing. It was a fear so great I felt physical pain. Jesus comforted me, he said he was with me and I did not have to be scared. He told me plainly, “Look, if you need to go to the bathroom just go! I’ll go with you. You won’t be alone. Go and see.” I was scared, but I obeyed and it was amazing. The fear had gone. I was smiling and laughing and I was able to walk in my home confidenlty again. I was amazed at the sudden shift and I heard God say, “The Joy of the Lord is your strength. When you are with me, you won’t be afraid.” It was great! I fell asleep and it was peaceful. No nightmares! I returned to my first love and he protected me from my tormentors. Now I see that God allowed me to suffer so that I would run back to him. Because were it not for the torments I endured I would have continued to live a life without Jesus. Now I see that what I went through was a blessing! And also, I have learned that when I tell the Holy Spirit before I sleep that I trust him to protect my dreams I have good sleep. I say, “Holy Spirit, I put up my shield of faith and I trust you to guard over me as I sleep.” Then I envision a big shiled over me of fire and I sleep good! I even dream about Jesus. If you want an “a-ha” moment with God just get quiet before him and meditate on his reality. He is literally in the room with you, you just cam’t see him. Once you acknowledge him and say, “Hey Holy Spirit, you still here?” I say that jokingly and God ALWAYS responds, “Yes.” And then we talk and talk and talk and it’t better than TV and any human convo you can have. It helps to imagine him in the room with you. I pretend he’s sitting in a chair or something. Sometimes I talk out loud to him because it helps me focus. I love it when he tells you something and then it comes true! Like when I said I wanted a heart necklace and the next day my granny gave me one! Or I ask (just for fun) who will win the football game and the team he said wins! Special moments like that you will never forget. Remember, God is closer than your skin, closer than the air you breathe. He is literally beside you, always!

  26. Brandon

    Hi my name is Brandon. I had two experiences with Jesus the first one. I was praying one night for 30 or so minutes. I was asking the Lord for forgiveness etc. I suddenly felt tingling through my legs then in my chest area. I felt as a was at peace, happy, safe ,and calm. My second experience was again I was praying a half a hour that night. I was praying for forgiveness of my sins. I asked the Lord for a sign suddenly I felt the same as before but with a greater intensity. then I saw the Lord in my mind on a brown cross with the the sun shining down on him. then I asked him what is my purpose in life he said to spread the word. I asked him about my mom’s miscarriage Michael Scott he said he is safe then he told me. I need to love myself not to put myself down because of my disabilities.

  27. Martha

    Hi Jennifer,

    Am not quite sure where to begin, so I will just share with you what my experience of encountering Christ was. I grew up in east Africa and came here when I was ten. My mother was a God fearing woman, always prayed and went to church regularly, and so I was raised with strong christian values. I knew about God, I knew he loved me and cared for me but mostly I knew that I better obey him and be on his good side and not make him angry with him. I pretty much understood the fear of God more so than his love.

    Anyways, I lived a pretty regular christian life I guess, I went to church every Sunday, listened to Christian music only (secular music in my house was equivalent to listening to the devil himself), and I even gave my life to Christ dramatically at the Church altar when I heard the voice of God tell me to go up there. He would not leave me alone that day, I pleaded with him that I would say the sinners prayer when I got home because I didn’t want to go up there with all my friends watching me. I was so stressed out that day, my heart was beating so quickly I thought everyone could hear it, my hands were soaked with sweat, I thought i would faint if I didn’t go up there. The Lord voice became so loud and real to me, he was louder than the preacher giving the alter call. Amazing right, you would think my life would have changed from that experience but it didn’t. I went home and did what I always thought was the Christian life. Make sure I read at least one chapter of the bible a day, be good, and prayer atleast three times a day…when I wake up, eating, going to sleep.

    I was practicing religion not relationship with Jesus. Eventually I got tired nd quite reading the bible, and altogether I stopped praying. I got involved in the wrong relationships and drew far from The Lord.

    (This is the good part now). 4 years after this, I went to a crusade and heard a wonderful man of God describe Christ to me as a person. You see all my life I only knew Christ in terms of religion, doing right vs wrong, obeying the 10 commands, I knew about hell all those things, I knew how to practice religion…But I did not KNOW HIM. This man described to me, a real Jesus, one that I could feel, one whose presence is tangible, (more tangible than the clothes you wear). He described a Jesus that was so moved by me, a Jesus who was madly inlove with me, a Jesus who called me his beloved, a Jesus that was affected by my afflictions, one that cared so intensely for me. For the first time in my life heard someone tell me who he really was. That he had feeling and emotions and that I could affect him. My love towards him could make him full of joy, and my rejection towards him wounds his heart.

    When I heard that I had to know him. I longer was content with knowing about him, but I wanted to know him. And that’s when I experienced him personally. I would go into my room and just talk to him about anything. Eventually his presence became so real to me, more real than anyone in my family. I saw him, not physically though…the eyes of my heart saw him..the bible says in Matthew that those that are pure in heart shall see God.

    When you really encounter Jesus, it’s an unshakeable experience. He is so real and tender hearted. I would only encourage you to sit in the presence of Jesus, until his reality becomes real to you. His love is so real, it’s almost tangible, his love is like blazing fire and when he looks at you, his eyes burn with love for you…seek him and you will find him.


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