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July 10, 2007 | 9 comments

Sarah sort of tagged me for the Personal Policies meme. My initial reaction was something like, “Dhuuur, what’s a ‘personal policy’? Is that, like, one of those things you say you’re going to do and then you actually do?…I don’t think I have any of those.” But upon reflection (and reading some great lists like Jean’s and Esther’s), I realized that we all have our policies, even the most scattered, attention-span-deprived among us. Here are mine:

  1. I make sure the kids and I leave the house for social interaction at least once every couple of months.
  2. I don’t handle scorpions (this is a new policy).
  3. I am meticulous about immediately rinsing and putting dishes in the dishwasher as soon as they become covered with ants. (Yes, our kitchen is overrun with little sugar ants. These are not things that concern you when you also have a scorpion infestation.)
  4. Through rigorous spiritual training, I now make sure to get through at least three sentences of the Morning Offering before losing my train of thought.
  5. I faithfully think about how I should pray the rosary more often at least once every day (twice on Fridays).
  6. I only use wine to solve my problems when I’m not pregnant.
  7. When using television to numb my children’s minds so that I can go collapse somewhere, I am vigilant about making sure that nothing rated X is on.
  8. I have a strict personal policy about profanity: I always say, “Don’t repeat that. Mommy shouldn’t say that, ” after I curse.
  9. My children are only allowed to play with scissors, knives, and explosive devices if I am *really* tired.
  10. When making grand, self-indulgent statements like “I never have time to get anything done around here!” I am careful not to think too much about how much time I’ve spent on my blog lately.

I’m not sure who’s already done this, so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged.


  1. Anonymous

    you mean scorpions don’t eat sugar ants?

  2. Jeannine

    I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for writing such a delightful blog!

  3. dcrmom

    Oh, that’s too funny. And I’m SO with you on #8. Oh, wait. Were you being facetious? 😉

  4. Anonymous

    After you start putting yourself in the corner for 8 you’ll get over it. that’s how i kicked it.


  5. KC

    LOL, Yes I think we share alot of the same personal policies. 😉

  6. Sarah

    Ah, I need to expand my list to include some of these!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Stevie

    Sometimes I wonder if we were separated at birth!!

  8. Elizabeth

    Great list. But I thought Americans didn’t do irony 😉 ?

  9. Tasha

    I realize I’m about six years late to the party, but this post is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing. I usually say “Don’t say that at school” after I say something I don’t want my kids to repeat.

    Also, number four cracked me up. You should hear some of my night time “prayers”…

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