Friday Favorites for August 10

August 13, 2007 | 2 comments

OK. I see that it is Sunday evening and not Friday. But I *thought* about doing this on Friday, so I’m still calling it Friday Favorites.

  1. Memories of a kitchen: Lady Lydia has an enchanting post about her kitchen growing up. I loved the description of the old cast iron kitchen stove, but my favorite part was her observation about how her mother felt about the being there: “She, like other homemakers of the time, felt a dignity in the kitchen is difficult to describe…Even a teacher, a nurse, or a head of a corporation, does not carry the same aura of importance and service that these women had when they went into their kitchen.”
  2. Why an observant Jew understands sexuality better than Hugh Hefner: Wendy Shalit has some really thought-provoking points about modesty and prudery. It’s a long article but really worth reading the whole thing. (via Burke to Kirk)
  3. Color inspiration from great paintings: Whether you’re redesigning your blog or your living room, here is a list of beautiful sample color schemes that have been taken from the some of history’s great paintings. Very cool site.
  4. The death of my brother…and hope: In yet another great post, Aimee Milburn recounts caring for her brother as he died of AIDS. It’s incredibly touching and inspiring — just be sure to have the Kleenex handy.
  5. How top bloggers make money: Even though I don’t care about making money from my blog, I thought this article was fascinating anyway (and it was a nice trip into Fantasy Land to imagine what it would be like to make tens of thousands of dollars per month from blogging). Click on the pictures at the bottom of the page for individual profiles.
  6. “Where is that in the Bible?”: Convert Aimee Milburn has another great post on sola scriptura. It’s an impressively concise summary of the topic, a good read for aspiring apologists.
  7. Wanted: Vocation and conversion stories: Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed is looking for conversion and vocation stories. I’ve really enjoyed reading the ones he’s posted so far. Send yours over!
  8. Where is the soul?: Melanie B. has some good excerpts from an article that points out how the concept of nourishing students’ souls has been almost completely eradicated from modern schools.
  9. The cardinal who prayed kaddish for his mother: The Deacon’s Bench has a touching tribute to France’s Cardinal Lustiger and his amazing story.
  10. The good stuff is in the sink: I loved this inspiring little article about realizing that “real living” isn’t what happens when you get all the housework done. A good read for all moms to start off the week! (via Starry Sky Ranch)

Have a great week!


  1. Colleen

    Thanks for all the great links. I noticed that you are due this month. You’re in my prayers that you have a healthy labor and delivery.

  2. UltraCrepidarian

    Wendy Shalit so totally rocks. I love that article!


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