Friday Favorites for August 3

August 3, 2007

I actually found a lot more excellent links this week, but kept it at 12 for brevity’s sake. Enjoy!

  1. The beauty of homemaking: And here we have one of the loveliest and most politically incorrect posts I’ve read in a long time. Lady Lydia dares to suggest that women would be happier of they focused more on creating beautiful homes for their families and less on workforce and getting college degrees. Her post is very thought-provoking, and it’s nice to hear this side of the debate about women’s roles voiced so firmly, clearly, and unapologetically.
  2. How to write a great blog: Danielle Bean offers five simple but powerful tips for creating a blog that’s satisfying to both you and your readers. The only thing I would add is that if you can hook up a scorpion infestation it’s a surefire way to increase traffic.
  3. Hey! I’m sexually active!: Mrs. Darwin pulls no punches in her post about birth control and privacy for college students.
  4. Doing God’s will, every day: Hallie talks about how she finally internalized a truth that she’d known on an intellectual level for a long time: “I cannot possibly finish all of the work I hope to complete each day. But I can, with His grace, complete all of the work He entrusts me with.” Now if only I could get that through my head too!
  5. Beautiful realtime world sunlight map: Depending on your level of nerdiness, you will either think this site is useless or think it’s one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen.
  6. How do you live a life steeped in faith?: Erika asks a great question: she goes to Mass every Sunday, but how does she live out her Catholic faith every day so that her children will be steeped in the faith? She encourages others to leave a comment or even write their own blog posts about how they do this in their own lives. I second her request!
  7. Wonderful news!: Jill has suffered so many horrible events over the past year — the relatively sudden death of her beloved father from cancer happened at the same time as her seventh miscarriage and a good friend’s ovarian cancer diagnosis — so it brought tears to my eyes to read of her adoption of this beautiful baby girl. Don’t miss the third to last paragraph where she recounts what her daughter’s birthmother said to the social worker. Beautiful.
  8. Simcha’s filthy car contest: Simcha, a mom of seven, details some of the things she found her in van. She keeps an inspiring glass-half-full attitude when she observes that “jelly beans that have been dissolved in melted snow look exactly like transmission fluid…but it tastes better, and costs about $1, 800 less to fix!” Those of you who appreciate this post will not want to miss the video Mom My Ride.
  9. Please, no more truncated RSS feeds: I have to second Tony on this one. Bloggers, please have mercy on us lazy feed readers who probably miss a lot of good content because we don’t click through the links to your full posts!
  10. Feeling fragile, and alone: Hope entered rehab this week for the addictions she’s struggling with, and asks that readers send her emails of encouragement for her husband to bring to her while she’s there. Drop her a note of encouragement!
  11. Inbox Zero: Email is the bane of my existence. I feel like Sisyphus every time I even attempt to get my inbox empty. So I was happy to come across this Inbox Zero series at 43 Folders, which has lots of good tips for email management. (via Monastic Musings)
  12. Peace, love, and primates: I found the last couple of paragraphs particularly interesting, where Darwin notes that “even after people have officially given up any idea of heaven or of objective good, there seems to be a very insistent yearning within the human person for some sort of world better than our own.”

Have a wonderful weekend!


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