MegaMom Interviews: Ouiz on having help

August 8, 2007 | 2 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a MegaMom Interview, so I’m delighted to share some more of Ouiz’s thoughts on parenting a large family. Be sure to check out Ouiz’s blog, Chez Ouiz, and if you’ve missed any of the other MegaMom Interviews you can find the archives here.

I asked:

Are you able to handle it all on your own, or do you rely on outside help from family or other caregivers?

She answered:

So far, I’ve done it solo. Parents and in-laws are too far away, unfortunately! I tried hiring someone to watch the babies so I could homeschool at the beginning, but that just never worked out…too stressful for me!

I don’t want to paint some sort of rosy picture — that I’m just gliding through this whole experience with no difficulty. There are days when I seriously wonder if I can handle one more minute emotionally!

Biggest help: getting on my knees every morning and consciously telling Jesus that I need His grace to get me through this day, or I will fall flat on my face. “If You do not give me the grace that I need to be a good Mom, Lord, I will fail You…and them…so miserably. You know what it’s like to be pulled at from all sides, and there were days that You wanted to run away from it all too. So be with me, Lord, and show me how to do this.”

Second biggest help: a very understanding husband who gives me a lot of support, and a great network of friends that I can call. Without them, I would have gone insane years ago.

I asked:

What is one thing you’ve learned over your years as a mother that you wish you’d known from the beginning?

She answered:

That feeling overwhelmed and stressed out is OK…that trying to attain the “picture perfect household” in a sea of kids is impossible…that you simply CANNOT do this without the Lord’s grace, and it’s ridiculous to try…and that it’s crucial to focus on what’s truly important.

Other than that, I would stress the need for a great support group — people you can call when you need someone to pray for you before you completely lose it!

Huge thanks to Ouiz and all the other moms who have taken the time to participate in these interviews!


  1. yofed

    Good timing: that’s exactly what I needed to hear today! Thanks!

  2. Paul

    It’s interesting how relative the perception of stress is. Things that seem huge can seem small when you’re hit by something big enough. It’s as if there’s something in us that has a tendency to balance out what we perceive as trouble. Even people living in the lap of luxury by anyone else’s standards don’t perceive themselves, I bet, as leading stress-free lives.

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