The Catholic Guy – today at 5:00pm EST

August 2, 2007 | 2 comments


This interview has been canceled so that Lino can devote his show to the Minnesota bridge collapse. Please keep everyone impacted by this tragedy in your prayers.


I look forward to chatting with Lino Rulli once again on his show The Catholic Guy on Sirius Channel 159 today 5:00pm EST. If you don’t already have a subscription, it’s quick and easy to listen free for a trial period.


  1. Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Just found this very good blog of yours…yes i’ll certainly pray…

  2. Adoro te Devote

    Thanks for mentioning it, Jen, and for asking people to pray.

    I used to cross this bridge often both due to personal reasons and work. I live well north of it, but my regular daily business forced me across it often.

    My Manager used it every day. Last night he was stuck in traffic at about a quarter to 6, and got fed up. He decided to go around the bridge and by the time he was through downtown via another bridge and another route, the I-35 bridge had collapses.

    He is certain he would have been on it.

    I know a couple other Catholic bloggers locally who normally cross that bridge every Wed. evening…and would have been close, maybe on it, but for some reason changed their plans.

    How many others made choices last night to get off the freeway? How many people on that bridge last night had felt a strong impulse to exit before they got there…but didn’t?

    How many families are mourning tonight? How many people are thanking God they are still alive, although they are in pain?

    How many people, especially the children on the bus, miraculously survived that fall?

    Please keep praying. This is too horrible for words, and even for us locally, it’s almost like a movie; it’s something from Hollywood because it can’t possibly have happened.

    But it did.

    God help us all…this could happen anywhere, and may the Good Lord preserve all of you from such a demise.

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