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August 20, 2007 | 3 comments

I’m changing the name from “Friday Favorites” to “Weekly Favorites” so that it’s not quite so obvious that I’m totally unable to keep up with regularly recurring posts. Anyway, here are nine fantastic links:

  1. Not our baby: I’m a big fan of the blog Small Treasures, but only this week came across Kristen’s old post called Not “Our” Baby, where she tells the story of a failed adoption after years of infertility, and what she learned from that experience. It’s one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read.
  2. Peace, love and primates: Another thought-provoking post from the Darwins. I especially liked this point at the end: “there is in each of us that temptation towards pride, greed, etc. that allows us to turn any good (religion, love, learning, etc.) into a tool of domination and cruelty. The earthly paradise simply isn’t there, either in a modified human society, or in some other species, and yet people…can’t help looking for it.”
  3. 10 changes since converting: Jeff Baker has a great list of 10 aspects of his life that have changed since his conversion (from agnosticism). I can relate to all of these. Great stuff.
  4. Do I really need a bathmat?: Once again, Tienne puts it all in perspective by candidly sharing her struggles with appreciating what she has and always remembering the poor of the world.
  5. Setting goals for your blog: MamaBlogga has some helpful tips for anyone who is interested in improving their blog.
  6. Praying in the middle of the night: I loved Melanie’s story of praying through a period of insomnia. I too have been experiencing pregnancy-related sleeplessness…I could write a post about how I just get mad and think negative thoughts to pass the time, but it might not be quite as inspiring.
  7. A little help from my friends: Ouiz lets us in on a secret: she doesn’t raise her six (almost seven) kids all by herself.
  8. God’s grace, charted: Now this is my kind of blog post! Nothing in my life escapes quantification in Excel, so I can really appreciate this graph of Jeff Baker’s point that God’s grace does not correlate 1:1 with our efforts to receive it.
  9. A good Catholic family: Karen Edmisten has a beautiful post about what really makes a good Catholic family.

Have a great week!


  1. Melanie B

    “I could write a post about how I just get mad and think negative thoughts to pass the time, but it might not be quite as inspiring.”

    Ha! I could write dozens of those posts too. So many nights spent fretting and fuming and angry at the world. And, sadly, a good night, like the one my post describes, where I actually use the time to pray, doesn’t mean that the next time I’m sleepless I won’t give in to anger and negative thoughts. My hope is that by putting it all up there on my blog, I’ll have a reminder of what I should do the next time I have insomnia. But I’m glad to be able to share an inspiring story and hope it helps someone else as well.

  2. Karen E.

    Thanks so much, Jen. So many great links here … I’m honored to be in such great company.

  3. Kristen Laurence

    Thank you, Jen. You are so generous. I echo what Karen said.

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