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September 6, 2007 | 2 comments

Notice to feed readers:
I’m going to be cleaning up some old posts, so that’s what’s going on if you see a bunch of new items pop up.

New sidebar feature:
I added a “Most Popular Posts” list to the left sidebar. I love it when other blogs have that so that I can get a feel for the writing without having to go through the entire archives, and maybe catch some interesting posts that I missed the first time around.

You are in the wrong line of work:
This is apropos of absolutely nothing, but I have to share. I just got off the phone with my mom, who is organizing a big convention this weekend. The president of the organization that sponsors the convention told her about this great magician he once saw and insisted that she hire him for the evening dinner entertainment. He was so insistent about it that he already told the guy to plan to be there.

This morning my mom called Mr. Magician to ask what he charges, and he told her it would be $1, 200. For a HALF HOUR. (I couldn’t resist commenting that his trick is that he makes your money disappear.) When my mom’s assistant called him back to negotiate his outrageous price, he insisted that he does 200+ events per year and they all pay that rate. By the way, he added, he’ll require the hotel to set up a full stage and lighting system, at the expense of an additional $1, 000.

My husband and I have been having a field day with this. We’ve been speculating about what his profits must be (hubby: “I mean, what are his expenses?! A couple of rabbits, a tophat, some handkerchiefs?”); speculating that the organization’s president may want to volunteer for any tricks that would make him disappear if the Board of Directors finds out what he spent on this guy; and thinking about how my husband can get out of law and break into the more lucrative magic industry.


  1. mrsdarwin

    “And for my first trick, I’m going to lighten your wallets.”

  2. Jennifer F.

    “Abracadabra! Now go check your bank balance online — you will see a much smaller number.”

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