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September 2, 2007 | 4 comments

I’ve actually had plenty of time for blog reading since I’m awake for most of the night these days, so here are 15 excellent posts I think you’ll enjoy. (It’s a longer list this time to keep everyone amused in case my posts degenerate into incoherent sleep-deprived whining about breastfeeding woes.)

  1. Mother Teresa’s letters and spiritual consolation: I’ve read a lot recently about Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s dark night of the soul, and this post on Cosmos – Liturgy – Sex is the best coverage of the Christian perspective that I’ve seen. It’s really helped me articulate and explain the issue to friends who aren’t religious. A must-read.

  2. The aftermath of conversion: Purifyyourbride has a post that many Catholic converts will be able to relate to, sharing the unexpected results that followed his intellectual conversion.
  3. When your spouse doesn’t hear the same call: Tienne has been sharing the struggles that she and her husband have had regarding how much money they’re able to give to the poor. In this post she amazed me with what she was able to do to get $100 to send to Darfur.
  4. Sin builds on sin, virtue builds on virtue: Hallie’s observation that “as one stitch follows another until you have a well-made new item of clothing, one virtue follows another until you have formed a powerful shield to keep out the temptations of the devil” was just the reminder I needed today.
  5. Living in the attic: Kristen shares a beautiful story about relying on God’s providence and appreciating the things that really matter.
  6. The irrational dogmas of rational atheism: Carl Olsen has a good summary of some fundamental problems with the arguments behind the new atheist movement.
  7. The night will never stay: Though Red Cardigan’s beautiful post is specifically about homeschooling, it will undoubtedly inspire anyone going through a difficult time.
  8. Checking the caller ID: S.V.’s analogy is a modern-day version of something I was just reading by St. Francis de Sales: that “inspirations” can come from the devil as well as from God, and before entertaining or taking pleasure in them we should, as S.V. says, “check the caller ID” to see who sent them.
  9. Rear view mirror parenting: I loved Katherine’s analogy about the importance of having a small rear view mirror.
  10. Ordinary Time and the Creeds: Jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year talks about how her family used Ordinary Time to take a step back and look at the big picture through the Apostle’s Creed. I can’t wait until I’m familiar enough with the liturgical year to make this sort of thing a natural part of my family’s lives.
  11. Purple plaid pants with yellow knee socks: A mom of six muses on her children’s clothing choices. (This is the same mom who wrote that funny eBay ad about selling Pokemon cards.)
  12. How to make more money through Amazon’s affiliate program: Bloggers who have Amazon affiliate accounts might like this post from ProBlogger. (He also points out that this kind of revenue grows over time.)
  13. Statistical proof that you don’t want to wear a red shirt while on the Starship Enterprise: The data also show that if you’re wearing a red shirt and get beamed onto a new planet with Captain Kirk, your best chance of survival is if he hooks up with the local women.
  14. Four is the new two: Having a large family is becoming trendy among wealthy women in the outskirts of San Francisco. Those of you with large families can now consider yourselves trendsetters!
  15. The five stages of exhaustion: I’m somewhere between four and five.

Have a good week. Or weekend. Or whatever. What day is today? OK, I’m going to take a nap.



    1- Thanks for putting together these lists! There’s always great stuff that I would have missed.

    2- Thanks for linking to me!

    3- What are your “breastfeeding woes?” I admire how you’ve kept your blog quite focused, but no one would mind if you posted about breastfeeding for a while. If there’s a problem, you really should take advantage of your reader’s experience (speaking as someone who found out, on baby #7, that there was plenty I still didn’t know –and really needed to know –about breastfeeding!).

    Well, that’s enough unsolicited advice before noon, I guess.

  2. Jennifer F.

    Simcha – Done. I’m running out the door to take the baby to the doctor (long story) but will share my tale of woe upon returning.

  3. Abigail

    Thanks for compiling this list. I’m reading it while doing night feedings with my newborn. I especially enjoyed learning about St. Frances of Rome. She’s going to be my new “go to it” saint this month!

  4. mrsdarwin

    It’s common knowledge that red-shirted crewmen died pretty frequently on Star Trek, but what the guy didn’t point out was that the red shirt guys were Security. So it seems to me that the takeaway is not just that Kirk’s affairs save lives, but also that if you don’t want to bite it on the planetary missions, you should go into Communications or Medicine or Navigation.

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