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September 13, 2007 | 6 comments

I emerge from my sleep-deprived stupor to bring you a bunch ‘o great links I discovered this week. I threw in a few extra ones since my posting frequency will probably slow down until I get my brain back.

  1. What’s the best advice you ever heard?: Don’t miss the comments to my post about good advice. All the responses were so great! Add your own if you haven’t already.
  2. How I became a millionaire while working in my pajamas: Millionaire Mommy Next Door shares the story of how she and her husband started successful businesses. Though the title sounds a little gimmicky, this is a really solid post. My husband does a lot of small business consulting and says that this might be the best one-page summary of how to succeed as an entrepreneur he’s ever read.
  3. Baby-haunted: I found this short article to be very thought-provoking, particularly the description of modern America as “baby-haunted”. It reminds me of how I feel when I look at my empty, quiet suburban street. (via Joyful Chaos)
  4. My “flailing butterfly” is no longer going to cut it: This amazing video has inspired me to brush up on my shadow puppet skillz. I can’t let my toddler see this lest he realize that my shadow “rock” and “talking dog” are really pathetic.
  5. Amputating the family from family life: One of my all-time favorite writers, Mark Steyn, has the best take I’ve heard yet on Alexis Stewart’s writing about her efforts to have a child, noting that her story symbolizes “a world that insists one should retain time-honored traditions when decorating the house for Thanksgiving but thinks nothing of re-ordering the most basic building blocks of society.”
  6. Watch your car in a crash test: Consumer reports has a very cool feature where you can see crash test videos for tons of cars. (via Monastic Musings)
  7. From the husbands’ perspective: Peter writes a much-needed post where he honestly addresses the fact that husband’s needs are often blown off by society. He writes, “If a woman says she needs better communication in marriage she is applauded and encouraged. If a man asks for more attention to his sexual needs he risks being dismissed or denounced as a sexual aggressor.” I see this happen in many discussions of marital problems, so I’m glad to see someone bringing the topic out into the open.
  8. Four ways to encourage comments: Mamablogga has another helpful post, this time about how to get comments going on your site. (My tips? Write about contraception, housewives, or start debates with atheists. That should do the trick.)
  9. This is so going to be my kids in about ten years: And why didn’t I think of this when I was a teenager?
  10. Why would God call an impatient introvert to have a large family?: Hope has an inspiring musing about why God would call someone like her to have a large family. I loved her answer. (Don’t miss her other recent post, All You Need Is Love, where she shares the one parenting philosophy that always works.)
  11. Is this man cheating on his wife?: A fascinating / disturbing look at what can happen when the lines between reality and virtual reality get blurry. (via Middle-Aged, Not Muddle-Headed)
  12. Why I’m Catholic: Tertium Quid has a well-written post about the factors that influenced his decision to convert to Catholicism. I can relate to a lot of these reasons.
  13. The Friendly Christian: Bill at The Friendly Christian is publicly examining his beliefs, and is often frightened by what he finds. (Unfortunately I often find that a lot of good arguments in favor of Christianity aren’t represented in the comments.) Kudos to Bill for his honesty, as well as his politeness when discussing heated topics.
  14. Toiletgate: Is it wrong that I’m enjoying reading about Toiletgate over at Suburban Turmoil? It all started with this article that Lindsay Ferrier wrote for Nashville Scene. (via Toddler Dredge…sort of…Veronica told me about the site in the comments)
  15. Anybody want some M.C. Hammer pants?: Something made me think of Craigslist’s “Best Of” collection this morning, and now that’s 30 minutes of my life I can never get back. The M.C. Hammer pants post almost made me choke on my water, and I was amused by this letter to The Dogs from The Human as well. (I would link to the main Best Of page but with all the profanity it’s not appropriate for anyone at work, on a family computer, or who doesn’t want their monitor to melt.)
  16. Imagining the future: Very cool blog that shows what people in the past imagined the future to be like. (via Toddler Dredge)

Have a great rest of the week!



    Lots of interesting stuff – thanks! To the list of ways to encourage comments on your blog, I have just two words: RON PAUL.

  2. Martin

    Great choice of favorites. I’m amazed at how you can find all of these each week.

  3. Millionaire Mommy Next Door

    Thanks, Jennifer, for highlighting my post with such nice compliments. I’m glad you and your husband liked it!

  4. Peter

    *chuckle* I check your list each time you post it. When I saw the heading I thought “Cool, someone else wrote on this too!” and clicked it, “Oh… it’s me!”

    I’d love to hear if anyone else has written on the sexual need of men from a faithful Catholic perspective. I am trying to put together a piece for NFP counselors on including this understanding in their ‘pastoral’ approach to couples.

  5. Tertium Quid

    Many thanks for linking to my blog. The respect is mutual.


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