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September 21, 2007 | 6 comments

Here are 15 awesome links, in honor of the total number of hours of sleep I’ve gotten in the past week. 🙂

  1. A touching story of motherhood, life, and conversion of heart: Due to a lack of time and an abundance of chaos, I almost never read long blog posts. But I read all of this one, and it was worth every second. Take the time to read this whole thing at my favorite new-to-me blog, Abigail’s Alcove.
  2. People of the lie: Newly released photos of the staff at Auschwitz show “photos of laughing and smiling SS officers; officers relaxing in deck chairs; officers and officials eating and drinking; singalongs (including one graced by the sinister presence of Dr. Mengele)”, and more. These people weren’t smiling because they thought they were doing evil. They were able to relax and enjoy themselves because they were confident in the stories they told themselves. This is exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote this post.
  3. A detox from selfishness: David Buetow writes for NPR about how having a dog changed his life, saying “It was extreme detox from selfishness…I found that I actually liked being relied upon.” A very nice piece, although kind of sad that men in our culture must learn this from their dogs.
  4. A glimpse of hell: Darwin recounts a chilling tale of a foretaste of hell. Also, don’t miss this post, the title of which has become part of our household vocabulary.
  5. Choose a room color to influence your mood: I love this kind of stuff. If I weren’t so lazy this would inspire me to go paint some of our rooms. (via Lifehacker)
  6. “I hope you’re right”: Julie writes a stunning post about the recent loss of her father in a tragic accident, touching on the significance of the fact that he believed in God and she does not. Her post here about the meaning of the body is also beautiful. Please say a prayer for her father.
  7. Rotating three weekly menus: Having a newborn, a baby and a toddler has left me struggling to keep up with the whole food preparation thing (me: “What, they want to eat again? They just ate five hours ago!”) So I was thrilled to discover Lisbet’s post about having a rotation of three weekly menus, and serve the same meals for lunch by day of the week. Great idea!
  8. My advertisement for me: I just loved Michelle’s honesty in this post, where she shares the “ad” for a new best friend that she posted on her MySpace profile. Introverts unite!
  9. Cannibalizing our children: Sadly, this is a real story from the world of reproductive technology and not some excerpt from a creepy sci-fi novel.
  10. Breastfeeding is offensive: (WARNING: VERY PG-13 CONTENT) These pictures are worth a thousand words. I’m a breastfeeding in public agnostic, but I do find it frustrating that in our culture a mother could breastfeed her child in line at the grocery store and that would be offensive, while the breast-fest on the covers of the magazines next to her is considered acceptable. Dear world: you can’t have it both ways.
  11. Blog action day: I like the concept of a Blog Action Day, where bloggers agree to all post on a certain topic on a particular day. Seems like a good way of drawing attention to issues that often get swept under the rug by big media. I’d love to see Christian bloggers do something like this.
  12. 10 Tips for writing bookmarkable content: I think this is a great list. Though it’s particularly about writing blog content that gets buzz, I think they’re good tips for writing blog posts in general.
  13. Putting on lipstick for your husband: The way I currently prepare for my husband’s arrival home is to review my mental inventory of everything that irritated me that day so to make sure I don’t miss anything when whining to him. But imagine how nice it would be if I took a moment to apply lipstick instead. Hmmm. (via With a Grain of Salt)
  14. 10 plane crashes that changed aviation: Popular Mechanics has a very interesting piece about the hard lessons that have made airline travel safe.
  15. The cathedral builders: LOVED this article about the work of motherhood. I have so many thoughts that it may turn into a separate post, but I wanted to share it for now. And may I never forget the cathedral workman’s answer: “Because God sees.” (via #!/usr/bin/mom)

Have a great weekend. And, if you have a sec, I’d love to hear what link(s) you liked (if any). No big deal, but I’m always curious about what other people find interesting.


  1. Christine the Soccer Mom

    Your post is the third place I’ve seen that last link (building cathedrals), and only the first time I’d actually taken a few minutes to read it.

    I just started crying near the end. God sees. It totally sums it up, huh?

    Thanks for doing your favorites list every week. It’s a great way to highlight some extraordinary writing.

  2. Ouiz

    I read just about all of them… but my favorite, of course, was the Cathedral builders. One, because it’s true and two, because God often sends little bits of encouragement like this to us, to let us know that He sees. He really does.

  3. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    About “lipstick” (I haven’t read the post yet– it’s open in another tab) It make me think of a story a woman told me about watching her mother getting ready for her father’s arrival every evening, and his words to his wife:

    “The reason a man works hard all day.”

  4. Kiwi Nomad 2006

    I found abigail’s post incredibly powerful. Thanks for the link

  5. Michelle

    Wow, two links because of me, what a compliment! 😉

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