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September 30, 2007 | 4 comments

I tried to keep this one at 12, but these are all so good I just couldn’t leave any out! So, I present to you 16 of the best things I’ve read this week:

  1. Is there anything good about men?: This transcript of a talk given by Roy F. Baumeister is really thought-provoking. My husband emailed it to me with the subject line “one of the most insightful things I’ve ever read”.
  2. Remembering Billy: Dom Bettinelli excerpts a touching story by a man whose life was saved by an unlikely hero.
  3. A day in the life of a homeschooling mother of eight: I have a fascination with other moms’ daily schedules, so I really enjoyed Danielle Bean’s post…although it made me tired just reading it!
  4. Michael Crichton on G.K. Chesterton: I thought Crichton’s comments about Chesterton’s Eugenics and Other Evils was very interesting. Some things never change.
  5. The effects of a home’s architecture: This is a long post but definitely worth a glance. I’d never thought about just how much a home’s architecture can influence a family’s life. Very interesting.
  6. Married on a crucifix: A beautiful piece about making the Cross the foundation of a marriage.
  7. To fly free in space: One of my favorite NASA pictures of the day in a long time. Click on the photo for the full-sized version. Simply amazing.
  8. How to make your wife’s day: MamaBlogga has 7 great tips for showing a mom in your life that you appreciate what she does. Personally, #5 is my favorite.
  9. Conquering pornography: Catholic Dads have some good tips for people struggling with temptation to view pornography.
  10. The two million women robbed by WWI: This is a fascinating and heartbreaking article about what happened after World War I. More than two million young men were killed or incapacitated in the war, leaving a generation of women left with no one to marry. An interesting, touching read. (via Tea at Trianon)
  11. Moms’ guilty secrets: My guilty secret is that I really enjoyed scanning this post and its comments. There’s something really refreshing about moms coming together and admitting that we’re not perfect.
  12. Nuns in Sydney: A quick article about some nuns from Tennessee who have already arrived in Sydney for World Youth Day 2008 (that expects a turnout of more than 500, 000 people!) Whenever I heard about WYD I wish I was Catholic when I was younger. I would have loved to go to that. (via A Shepherd’s Voice)
  13. Weaker vessels: Jessica has a nice reflection about St. Peter’s reference to women as “weaker vessels”. This is definitely true in my experience.
  14. Those nebulous “what if?”‘s of parenthood: Red Cardigan has a great post about how we parents tend to waste time worrying about vague “what if?”‘s. Though this post is specifically about homeschooling, it applies to all of us.
  15. Mid afternoon of the soul: Darwin offers an interesting post on God, faith, emotions, and dark nights of the soul. This post on a similar subject is good as well.
  16. Tons of good tips: Check out this huge list of useful tips, on everything from blogging to photography to food. If the whole list is a bit overwhelming, you can skip straight to the winners list.

I have quite a few great links I wasn’t able to fit in, so I would like to request that the entire internet go on a two week hiatus so that I can get through my link backlog.


  1. Mojo

    Oh, “if only” I had time to sit and read all of these links in one sitting! 🙂 I did visit the one about the three Nashville Dominicans in Sydney preparing for WYD 2008. They are from the St. Cecilia Congregation, the very same that teach in my children’s school. They are holy, joyful women who have such zeal for souls! Thanks, Jen, for linking to this article.

  2. Melanie B


    I really liked that first one, “Is there anything good about men?” I have to agree with your husband. I sent it to mine and then still couldn’t refrain from reading parts of it to him.

    I also really liked the weaker vessels post and the one about nebulous doubts.

    Thanks again for an afternoon (and evening) of great reading.

  3. Peter

    With regards to World Youth Day, you don’t have to be young to be a part of it! We need good Catholics to pray for the event, the organising teams and for help dealing with those anti-Catholic forces working hard against it’s beautiful work.

    Secondly, you can encourage and maybe offer som support to a young person you know, perhaps in your parish, to help them get to Sydney in ’08.

    Thirdly you can use the opportunity to train up your youth leaders for their responsibilities. The youth respond to this much more eagerly than regular catechetical classes! 🙂

  4. Tienne

    Awesome links, as usual. I found the “Is there anything good about men?” one particularly thought provoking. I have to take issue with one thing he said, though, which was that the lack of motivation for women to create things is a biological construct. I’d say it has as much to do with society as biology.

    There have been women throughout history who had the urge to be creative (Louisa May Alcott and Mary Strauss come immediately to mind) but they lived in eras where the only acceptable contribution women could make was in the reproduction department. The fact that they created despite society’s pressures illustrates how strong their wills were, but what of the women who were equally moved to create but had no opportunity because their families shut down every attempt as unfeminine? Now that women are expected and encouraged to contribute to the arts and sciences, we’re seeing a huge amount of women artists, writers, doctors, CEOs, etc. I wholeheartedly agree that not all women are interested in taking big risks and creating something new, but I do think that it’s only in societies that expect women to contribute that the ones who do have an interest will be motivated AND able to pursue it.

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