What did you do right in 2007?

December 12, 2007 | 23 comments

I love New Year’s resolutions. I love using the start of a new calendar year as inspiration to finally make some of those changes I’ve wanted to make, to do new things, to improve areas I’ve long wanted to improve.

But as I was going over my list of things I want to do in 2008 (working on anger, not surprisingly, being one of them) I felt a little bit hopeless. Thinking of my tendency to start projects that I don’t finish, how very often I fail at my attempts at spiritual growth, how so many of my great plans have fallen by the wayside, I made some comment to my husband like, “I don’t know why I bother.”

But then, like the sweet guy he is, he pointed out that I actually did lots of good stuff this year. Much of it wasn’t exactly what I intended to do, or even what I originally wanted to do, but they were accomplishments nonetheless. He listed various areas of my life that I got organized, ways in which I grew spiritually, little things that used to be problems back in 2006 that I’d resolved in 2007.

It was such an inspiring exercise that I wanted to ask my readers: What did you do right in 2007? What were some things that you accomplished, problems you resolved, ways you grew spiritually, etc.? It could be in any area at all — home organization projects, prayer life, parenting, weight loss — whatever! I’d love to hear about it, not just because it’s a nice topic for us all to think about this time of year, but maybe we’ll get inspiration from one another as we head into 2008. I’ll leave my answer in the comments.


  1. Jessica

    I got published! And it actually was the result of a New Year’s resolution. My resolution though, wasn’t to get published, because that would be to resolve to do something out of my control. Instead I resolved to get one article published OR to get twenty rejection letters. I figured I could control getting rejected 20 times, just by submitting 20 times.

    After about the fourth rejection, I got an acceptance. It was so exciting! And now I’ve had four different articles accepted for publication, by two different publications total.

    Next year I’m gonna try to get a book published, by aiming for a certain number of rejections by agents. We’ll see if it works as well as this year’s resolution!

  2. Courageous Grace

    Last New Year’s eve I made a resolution to not end up as unhealthy as my mother. Most of her life she has been obese, which in turn has caused diabetes and severe arthritis (on a good note, even though she did suffer a stroke two months ago she has lost a ton of weight and is finally getting her blood sugar under control).

    So on the second day of the year I joined Curves in hopes of getting my weight under control. Thought I was doing pretty good, in three months I had lost 10 lbs and had begun to feel a lot better about myself. In May, though, I found out I was expecting and so my weight loss plans have gone down the drain.

    However, I have had some unexpected blessings this year. One is obviously my pregnancy, another is that I have finally sought counseling for my depression and anger problems. So while I didn’t plan these things, I believe I have matured quite a bit this last year.

  3. Patrick O'Hannigan

    I left California with my wife and children because we realized that we could not afford that state any more, even though it had been good to us for many years. The jury is still out on North Carolina, and we miss some California friends fiercely, but we are all more hopeful than we were before.

  4. Kerry

    I had my baby naturally!

  5. Abigail

    I had a baby! After a miscarriage in 2006, I wasn’t sure that was going to happen again for our family.

    My husband and I were just discussing tonight that if feels like our level of Catholism got bumped up a level this year- just as how when you get good at one level of Tetris you suddenly go up a level and have to figure out how to play the game all over again.

    After five years of Catholicism, year 2007 brought us new struggles. We’re currently trying to implement the virtues of meekness, obedience, & temperance, all while having 3 kids ages 4 and under & awful, awful allergies. Before this year I had no idea that these unsexy, “outdated” traits were central to leading a peaceful life.

  6. Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    That’s got me thinking!

  7. Therese

    At the begining of the year I lost around 8 kg. I have also had a really good year with my mothers rule. I have tried to plan my rule around prayer and this seems to help in my daily routines and keeping up with the house work.

  8. nicole

    I ran a 5K! And I was running regularly, until I got pregnant. Then it came to a stop. It felt great to get into a regular exercise routine and I hope to start it again after I deliver and recover from surgery.

  9. LSK49rs

    I stayed sober, one day at a time, for one more year. I got promoted. I worked hard to get that promotion and now I am learning to do the job and walk through all the fear around THAT!


    In my fourth year of homeschooling, I finally got in the habit of making a weekly lesson plan. I can’t believe I just improvised for the last three years. It’s a pain in the pants, but it does make the day run much more smoothly, and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, haunted by the fear that I’ve been neglecting something.

  11. JB

    I went back to graduate school! Woo-Hoo! I’m not an adult yet (that was a resolution, too), but I fake it better every day!

  12. :o)

    I agreed to teach CCD. I love it!

  13. SWP

    I finally kissed the girl I hope to marry.

  14. Jenny

    I let go and let God. It sounds so cliche, but I mean it, I let go and let Him take over, and I’ve never experienced more heartache or happiness than I have this year.

    But He has been there through every minute of it, and I’m certain that continuing on this path is my only option. There is such beauty and freedom in surrender; Christianity is a beautiful burden to bear.

  15. Woodrow

    Two things:
    1)Earlier this year I recommitted to “growing toward chastity” and decided to become a faithful member of my local COURAGE group. So far, I haven’t missed a single meeting (they happen on Sundays), sometimes in spite of working 18+ hours the day before.

    2)Instead of hiding my sins, I’ve become more open about my failings, even to the point of letting my nominal Christian co-workers know about some of my habitual sins and asking them to pray for me. I used to look on my co-workers as people to be prayed for. I guess that means…

    3)…I’ve learned a little bit of humility. May that little bit grow!

  16. Nina

    Jennifer, I am new to your blog but wanted to jump in and say “great post.”

    I adopted a second baby this year which took up the majority of my improving time. 🙂

  17. Nina

    Jennifer, I am new to your blog but wanted to say “great post.”

    We adotped a second child this year which not surprisingly took of the majority of my improving time.

  18. Mary Poppins NOT

    I began to teach iconography workshops out of my home this year. This was my first full year of not smoking. I explored the hiking trails in my area, which I had wanted to do since my kids were small (10 years ago). I learned how to follow the Eastern Christian fast with more success (essentially vegan), and I learned the true joy of a feast after the fast.

  19. beez

    I applied to, and was accepting into formations AND I finished my first semester in the seminary!

    (Maybe in 2012 I will be able to say I was ordained, only God knows.)

  20. Christian

    I embraced my faith and put God center in my life. I now go to confession almost every week – which is good because I mess up a lot. I also learned how to love someone even when they do horrible things to you.

    I think about everything I didn’t accomplish this year and feel like such a loser, but now, thinking about all the good things I’ve accomplished and comparing that to last year, I realize I’ve really matured.

  21. Potamiaena

    I gave up sugar and artificial sweetners in my coffee and ice tea.

    I wish I could say more than that. . . but maybe in 2008???!!

  22. Jennifer F.

    OK, here’s mine!

    – I pray every day: it’s just a very quick prayer said kneeling at the side of my bed, but it’s actually a big step that I at least do that every night.

    – I’ve started finishing projects. Ever since I realized my tendency to start things that I don’t finish, when I start something I really make a big effort to finish it now — which is surprisingly painful!

    – I finally found a FlyLady-type organization system that works for me. And while I often fall behind on the actual housework, my system for keeping track of what needs to be done is actually really solid.

  23. Sarah

    I’m late replying, but here goes anyway:

    – I had a baby, much to our delight!
    – I had a couple of essays published (in real, actual, authentic publications (not just our parish bulletin)!)
    – I got back on track with praying every day and devotions every day (they’re small, but they’re something, and they’re more than I WAS doing!)

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