A few administrative notes

February 19, 2008

A few quick things:

  • I updated my email policy to note that I will reply to all emails, at least with a quick note to let you know I received it. Because of the issue with emails from me always ending up in people’s spam filters, I want to make sure people know I’m not ignoring their notes!
  • My “ask me anything” post was not an example of great timing on my part: because any responses may lend themselves to discussion, I’m going to wait to answer any more until after Easter since I have comments closed for Lent.
  • The 2008 Catholic Blog Awards are now open, so go nominate your favorite Catholic blogs! (You have to create an account, but it only takes a second.) I would, of course, not be opposed to anyone nominating Et Tu, but I encourage everyone to just take the time to nominate whatever Catholic bloggers they truly enjoy — it’s a good way for others to find great new reads. (When I was first exploring Christianity, I found a lot of helpful sites through the Catholic Blog Awards.) The nominating period will end on Friday, February 29.


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