Another technical note

March 7, 2008

A while back I had a brilliant idea. I thought I would go ahead and get a custom domain name via Blogger because, hey, it’s so easy, why not? It only costs $10 and just takes a few moments to set up, and then I’d have a simpler, more memorable domain name for my site.

Please take a moment to picture me throwing my head back in maniacal laughter, both laughing and crying as the memories of this experience come flooding back.

Homer would not be fit to chronicle the woe I have seen. Days of session timeouts, possible erroneous credit card charges, no direct access to technical support and vexing errors mysteriously labeled bX-onbcxa all culminated with Blogger’s final proclamation of victory over my sanity, a triumphant announcement in red-lettered font on my admin screen: “Another blog is already hosted at this address.”

I share this to whine to let you know that if there is any weirdness* with my site over the next couple of weeks, keep checking back. Even if I ever do get a custom domain name [picture that maniacal laughter thing again] the current URL,, will still work. I don’t think any of this will come to pass and probably don’t even need to mention it, but just wanted to let it be known that it’s possible, just in case.

Also, for those of you who have blogs, be careful about trying to register custom domain names shortly after you have started praying for God to show you how to be more patient and trusting. Just a tip.

* Sorry I can’t be more specific with what kind of “weirdness” you might be able to expect. I really don’t know. The way things have gone, I sort of picture that someone might try to access my site and the entire internet will disappear or something.


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