Blog awards and posts from Lent

March 24, 2008 | 5 comments

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who voted for Et Tu? in the Catholic Blog Awards. I am humbled and honored by all the votes, especially in the Most Spiritual category — second place, wow!

Also, thanks for bearing with me through Lent while I closed comments. It was an extremely helpful, fruitful and necessary exercise for me to take a step back and write in “silence” for a while. Though I’m not going to retroactively open comments to those posts, if anyone has a question or comment about something I wrote during Lent, feel free to email me or leave a comment to this post.

Thanks for reading!


  1. lyrl

    You made so many posts I wanted to comment on that not commenting on your posts became my own Lent struggle.

    Thanks for continuing to share your experiences in this blog; I really enjoy following your journey.

  2. Marian

    Hi, Jennifer. I just wanted to say hello, as I just started reading here during your lenten fast. It’s been long enough now, that I can’t remember how I got here in the first place, but I’m happy to be here! I appreciate your observations and the sharing of your journey.
    Your post about getting out of the boat reminded me so much of something I came across in college. It went something like this:

    And He said,
    Come to the Edge.
    But it’s too high, they said.
    And He said,
    Come to the edge.
    But we might fall, they said.
    And He said,

    And they came.

    And He pushed them

    And they flew.

    Happy Easter!

  3. lyrl

    One thing I’d still like to share is the first part of this radio program. About 5 minutes in, they start an interview with a man whose body stopped making testosterone. He talks about what he went through in the few months between the onset of his condition and when he was diagnosed and treated. Parts of his experience he can only explain as experiencing God.

    The interview is about 10 minutes long. The rest of the radio show I didn’t find that interesting, but I think (hope) that others will really enjoy the first interview.

  4. Sebastian

    I was sorry that I couldn’t tell you how much I was enjoying the Lenten posts. But I was also inspired to forgo checking my own blog’s site meter during Lent. So thanks for the inspiration

  5. allyouwhohope

    I just wanted to comment on a post from early on in February, in which you used an analogy of an old machine and tools to describe your coming to faith. Well, I absolutely loved that analogy, and I had to laugh when I read that you thought the analogy was horrible and that this post normally wouldn’t have made the cut. It just really struck me, so I’m glad you posted it!

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