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March 31, 2008 | 3 comments

It just occurred to me that, other than some whining, I never officially announced that I have a new URL for the site, (If you link to me, you do not need to update your links. The old URL,, will still work.)


  1. Tausign

    Are you going to change the name Et Tu? I somehow came upon your post at your old blog where you explained how that name came to you. You might consider rebroadcasting that post. The thouht of your friend’s reaction was wrenching. Did you ever keep in touch with her? I’d be interested how she has handled your conversion.

  2. Martha Tagtachian

    Your experience about praying is the same I live.
    I told this to my confessor and he suggested a spiritual reading such “The Return of Prodigal Son” written by Henry Nouwen.
    I am completely identified on that sense.

  3. Kerry

    Jennifer – Where did you learn how to do this. I’m a bit of a blogger dummy, but I can usually bumble my way through written instructions if given. I’ve wanted to do this on my own blog (change the URL without losing leaving old links defunct), but haven’t figured it out yet. (Maybe it is really easy and I just haven’t looked hard enough).

    You can email me privately, if you wish: kerry (dot) wmson (at) gmail (dot) com


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