Weekend joke

March 29, 2008 | 7 comments

I don’t normally do too much cross-posting from my links blog, but this was too good not to share.

I’ve been chuckling about that all weekend ever since I saw it over at With a Grain of Salt. (Not that I would know anything about that from personal experience, of course!)


  1. lyrl

    My husband loves XKCD. I didn’t realize where the cartoon came from, and was disappointed he’d already seen that one.

    He recommended this one to me, also.

  2. Amber

    LOL! That is fantastic. I have so been there, although I try very hard nowadays not to do that sort of thing.

  3. Ginkgo100

    My 3yo heard me laugh out loud and woke up. Now he’s whining for me — maybe he wants to know what was so funny. I hope you’re happy. =)

  4. Jennifer F.

    Lyrl – thanks for letting me know the source! I just updated the post to credit them.

  5. Hattigrace

    Oh my, I just discovered you through another blogger friend. I was raised atheist. Am now Catholic.

    My blog is much more daily-daily. I will read every word. The story of your journey is captivating.

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