Thoughts on atheism

April 15, 2008

A while back Jason at The Cynical Christian contacted me about doing a series of interviews about atheism. He’s a lifelong Christian, and since atheism is an increasingly popular topic these days he wanted to learn a little bit more about atheists and atheism. Our first interview is up here, and his introduction is here.

I hope I threw in enough caveats to make it clear that my attempt in answering these questions is not to offer The Final Word on Atheism. Since it’s the only belief system I knew for my entire life up until recently and I have many friends and family members who are nonbelievers, I thought that sharing my experiences and observations might offer some food for thought for those who aren’t familiar with the subject. For anyone else who is unfamiliar with atheism but would like to know more, I encourage you to use my answers only as a jumping-off point for discussion and not as a perfect statement on the subject.

Comments are open over at Jason’s blog.


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