Being stung by scorpions in bed: some people are bothered by this idea, others are not, and never the twain shall meet

May 1, 2008 | 68 comments

Yaya and I had another go-round about scorpions today (although this time, thankfully, we were talking about theoretical scorpions and not actual scorpions that were being shaken in cups in front of my face). It all started when I explained to her that that it keeps me up at night to ponder the following data:

In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that a few weeks ago a nice friend at a baby shower told me that when she lived in France they had scorpions in their house and this never happened to her. At first her statement shattered my perception that scorpions always target people in beds at night. But then I had a delayed reaction in which I realized that she said this was in France. These are French scorpions. These are work/life balance scorpions. Maybe her experience indicates that not all scorpions are as inherently aggressive and creepy as I thought they were, or maybe les scorpions were en grève because the threadcount on her sheets wasn’t high enough. The data is inconclusive, hence it has been omitted from the chart.

Anyway, after taking a moment to ask if I seriously lie awake at night stressing out about things in chart form (yes, welcome to the world of a neurotic nerd), my mother-in-law gave me this look that all my Texan relatives give me when the subject comes up, a sort of bemused smile that says, “And the problem is…?” I wanted to react by sputtering hysterically, “And the problem is WAKING UP TO SCORPIONS STINGING ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILE I AM SOUND ASLEEP HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS THERE?!” but I decided to make a futile attempt to have a civilized dialogue on the subject, out of morbid curiosity if nothing else.

Yaya took this opportunity to explain to me that it is only because of my pampered middle-class lifestyle that I even worry about this. She offered some light stories from her childhood of scorpions attacking them in the course of daily life. “Those suckers sure would get us good every time we got on that tire swing!” she recounted with a chuckle. “And we didn’t worry about it when they got in our beds — you’d just brush ’em off if they got ya’ while you were sleeping.” She assured me that if I’d grown up in rural Texas in the days before fancy-schmancy houses with things like insulation and well-sealed walls, having a few scorpions in the bed here and there would be just a natural part of life for me.

Umm, no.

This is not, of course, something I can prove empirically. But I am certain — like really, really certain — that under no circumstances would I ever be nonchalant about scorpions in my bed at night. Maybe I am missing some sort of gene that makes you chilled out about surprise nocturnal attacks by stinging arachnids, but I do not believe that my distress about this situation is due to lack of exposure to it.

Her next point — one that I’ve heard before and found no less perplexing this time than the first 100 times I heard it from other Texan relatives — was that scorpion stings are no worse than wasp stings. Really? And to think I was all stressed out about this! I mean, seriously, that was the only thing I was worried about, the toxicity level of the venom. Because, other than that, there is nothing at all disturbing about being woken from a peaceful slumber in the still of the night by an explosion of pain and realizing that there is a scorpion wrapped up in your pajamas, attacking you, repeatedly stinging you, and between the darkness and your delirious state you cannot immediately locate it to get it off of you. As long as it’s not worse than a wasp sting, that should be fine. …Oh, wait, no, that still sounds like a hellish nightmare.

At this point the conversation ended with me uttering a long, defeated sigh and Yaya needing to yell at someone named Billy Ray on her cell phone.

What I have found is this: if you don’t see what is disturbing about the idea of being stung by scorpions in bed at night, it is not something I can explain to you. I have tried repeatedly to show Yaya and my other Texan relatives my way of thinking on this, to find common ground in our different viewpoints, and I submit that it cannot be done. It is an unbridgeable gap.

At least I have a blog. Evidently if this ever does happen I will get no sympathy from my relatives about it; but hopefully, somewhere out there on the internet, I will be able to find at least one person who could see why I might be unsettled about scorpions in my bed.


  1. Anonymous

    I hate to burst your bubble, but scorpion stings are worse than wasp stings, by a good margin. They’re not the end of the world, but they’re no picnic either.

  2. SuburbanCorrespondent

    I’d prefer the wasp. Definitely the wasp.

  3. Thea

    Oh, I find that thought unsettling. For the record, I find the thought of anything pointy and poisonous in my bed unsettling.

    Mercifully, we don’t have scorpions where I live, but whenever we visit my mother-in-law in Arizona I make my husband give me the run-down on which poisonous predators live where and how I can avoid offending them at all costs. I check my shoes compulsively for live-ins. It becomes an obsession by the end of the visit.

  4. Jessica

    I can see why you’d be disturbed by scorpions if you can see why I’m disturbed by black widows, even if they ARE in every single back yard in Southern California and even if they are NOT likely to jump out and bite my children. I’m still disturbed by the fact that if I want to find a black widow, I can just go out in my back yard and find me one.

    (Plus I know someone who knows someone whose little girl was bitten by a black widow in their back yard and got VERY SICK.)

    Yep, definitely disturbing. I’ll even give you this: I’ll take my quesient black widows over your marauding scorpions. Does that help?

  5. Beth

    Ok, sometimes in the middle of a cold Boston winter I dream of moving south. I went to college in Florida, and the roaches and palmetto bugs are gross. But they are not scorpions! I think I will stay put in the chilly north. At least we don’t have scorpions, palmetto bugs, giant spiders, etc. I can’t even IMAGINE waking up with a scorpion in my bed.

  6. Anonymous

    I think she’s yanking your chain. I cannot imagine not getting upset by scorpions in the bed. It reminds me of my mom insisting that she walked to school ten miles over barbed wire fences uphill both ways…
    Or something like that….

    Jane M

  7. Eileen

    This won’t help you at all, but what the hey. (I share your horror at the thought of being stung in bed by a scorpion — or anything else! — so there’s that, at least!)

    Anyway, for what it’s worth: When I was a kid, maybe 11 or 12, I was frying up some bacon for my family’s dinner. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I would probably get splashed by the grease as the bacon was frying, and it would hurt. Not a lot, mind you; but being absolutely certain that pain was on the way and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it really upset me.

    I put on my mom’s playtex gloves, got out the longest tongs I could find, and told myself how silly I was being.

    It didn’t help.

    And I still got splashed.

    Then — I was a very introspective pre-adolescent, I guess — it occurred to me that Jesus knew that what He was about to experience was gonna hurt.

    A lot.

    Made him sweat blood at the thought of it.

    And then, in an instant, that silly little incident with the bacon grease actually made me feel a little closer to Him.

    I dunno. Maybe that’ll give you something else to think about as you consider the likelihood of a nasty bug bite lurking in your future.

    (The idea that nutty people who fear bacon grease read your blog — and get a lot out of it — should, perhaps, give you pause as well!!) 🙂


  8. Tausign

    OK we need adopt a more flexible position here. What I suggest is that you check out this as a possible solution.

    If you can’t beat them you might as well join them and become their leader. After a little practice you might try preaching to them (that’s what St. Francis would do.)

    • Tim Garbett

      Just because St. Francis enjoyed animals does not mean that he would preach to them. I think he knew that only humans could go to Heaven, and thereby, there would be no point in preaching to a non-human. How do we know that St. Francis didn’t distinguish between animals and little creatures (scorpions, wasps, etc.)?

      I live in Texas, and I do not ever want to see creepy little creatures (wasps, scorpions, etc). (It was creepy to see a tarantula on the sidewalk the other day.)

  9. Melanie B

    Jen, if it’s any comfort, I’m with you on the scorpion thing.

    I’ve never been stung by a scorpion or a wasp and am pretty terrified of both. And if I go the rest of my life without experiencing either kind of sting I’ll be perfectly happy.

  10. Tausign

    I forgot to tell you that I was stung earlier this week by a bee. It seems I reached into the kitchen sink and grabbed a drinking glass that had a bee on the rim. He got me on the thumb and for some reason in a completely involuntary reaction…I dispatched him to the land of milk and honey (if you know what I mean). Not very Franciscan…

  11. Anonymous

    I’m totally on your side on this one. We have no scorpions here in PA (thank you, dear God!). But I briefly lived in northern VA, and the bugs there were so enormous that it crushed any ideas I ever had of living farther south. While I was living there, I once was stung on the head by a gigantic wasp, and had a throbbing goose egg at the sting site for a couple of days. If I even thought there was the slightest possibility of a scorpion being in my bed, I would never sleep again. At all.

    Scorpions must somehow be a result of the Fall.

  12. Jennifer F.

    Thank you all for your comments! I knew I was not alone.

    Elizabeth – I have also heard of those German scorpions, and once established that they were not at the root of this particular infestation. 🙂

  13. Wonders for Oyarsa

    Re: Scorpions and Wasps,

    It very much depends on the size and type of the scorpion. All the ones I’ve been stung by hurt less, but they were the small Georgia variety. They would scrape their tail along your skin (being too small to really stick into it) and the sting would feel like a cut, because of the venom in the scrape.

  14. RFP

    Ok,maybe I am just unrealistic and cranky, but I would prefer not to be stung, bitten, or otherwise attacked by any kind of insect, arachnid, reptile, or creepy critter while I am in bed.

    In fact, I prefer not to thing about the possibility at all, but NOW, of course, I can’t get it out of my mind!

    NOW I am envisioning an entire welcoming party crouched quietly beneath my covers, just waiting for me to naively turn off the light and slip into bed…..

    Thanks Jen. I hear sleep is highly overrated.

  15. Kerry

    oh my gosh, this is why i love your blog so much- the never ending variety! (and the charts- that is really amazing that you think like that!)

  16. Amber

    Yes, the thought of a scorpion in my bed waking me by stinging me sounds horrid. I can completely understand where you’re coming from and I hope it never happens to either of us.

    I thought I was immune to the whole scorpion danger, but since we’ve moved up to the mountains I’ve found several scorpions running around the property. I really hope they never find their way into the house. At least the ones I’ve seen are really little, but perhaps they are just the babies and the parents are too smart to be seen by the likes of me.

    Every time I see a scorpion though, I think of you. Is that weird?

  17. Jeana

    So what your saying is, a scorpion stinging you in the middle of the night would Rock You Like A Hurricane?

    I lived in the Texas countryside for seven years growing up. We found scorpions in the house often, and none of us were ever stung by one–in bed, or otherwise. You are welcome to add all four of us to your chart. 😉

    And now I’ll have that song stuck in my head all day.

  18. Mike

    I haven’t ever had much fear of scorpions, even when I was living on a cot outside of Uvalde, Texas. I have the most serious “spider dreams” though and I can make it from my bed to the hallway without ever touching the floor. 🙂

    I know how you feel

  19. Jaibee

    If I ever had scorpions in my bed, I’m fairly certain that I would flip out, and do something that a nice Catholic girl shouldn’t do, like scream as loud as I can while I kill it, oh maybe 4 or 5 times, just to be sure that it’s dead. Then, to call the SWAT team, or some such to start an area-wide killing spree of all such beasties, so that they could never do this to me again. Then, I could go to confession and say, “I’m sorry Father, but there were fangs and venom, and I just couldn’t have that.”

  20. Potamiaena

    Thanks for a good laugh this am!! Love Yaya and her infinite wisdom.

  21. TwoSquareMeals

    I’m totally with you, although in my part of the South it is black widow spiders that we worry about…I say “we” meaning “I” of course, because no one else has trouble sleeping after having seen one in the far corner of her back yard. No one else I know checks the sandbox and swingset obsessively to make sure those evil creatures aren’t near her babies…but I think everyone else is completely unreasonable.

  22. Marian

    I stand with you in your terror of the whole idea of scorpions in the bed. Yes, yes, that’s a yes.

    Keeping low thread count sheets on the bed might be a good pre-cautionary measure. The whole illegal immigrant thing, you know. You never know but they COULD be French,with their little body clocks still on the wrong schedule…

  23. Anne Marie

    We have no scorpions in Michigan. One more thing to love about the Midwest!!!

  24. Abigail

    So funny!

  25. Liturgy Guy

    I was just reading this when two people came into my office. I asked if either of them would find it reassuring that a scorpion sting is no worse than a wasp sting. The woman said, “No way, it has to be worse.” The guy asked, “worse, or worse for you?” and I didn’t know. He said, “No, I wouldn’t find it reassuring.” Then the woman told us a story of when she was about 10, her parents had a water bed, which was warm, and apparently wasps like warm water beds. It was a cold evening, and she jumped into the bed, and was immediately covered with a swarm of stinging wasps. So, she doesn’t find it reassuring either.

    I can’t help remembering some old movie I saw on TV when I was a kid, with a scene of some guy buried up to his neck in the desert sand, and arabic-like horsemen riding around, and this poor guy was surrounded by scorpions. So, I don’t find it reassuring either. I would definitely rather not have either a wasp or a scorpion in my bed.

  26. Liturgy Guy

    Another thing, I was stung by a big fat paper wasp in the eyelid when I was a kid. Had a swollen black eye for a long time. I was stung by one of those long brown wasps in the sole of my foot. And I was stung under the tongue (never ride a bike with your mouth upen) by a yellow jacket, and finally, I once had a wasp take up temporary residence in my pants pocket while the pants were on the clothesline, and he stung me on the thigh when I put the pants on.

    I think the fact that I still remember these incidents of at least 35 years ago is an indication of the unpleasantness of wasp stings. So, I’m not reassured.

  27. Courageous Grace

    oooo…scorpions in bed… no thank you very much.

    However, I don’t fear scorpions as much as I do spiders, especially brown recluses. But then a bite from those can be deadly. There was a girl who lived down the street from my parents who got bit by one and died. Spiders are evil….lol

  28. majellamom

    I’d lie awake at night worrying in chart form, too!

    There’s a reason my parents have always said that they lived a lifetime in Texas (which was about 5 years)…

    If I were you I’d MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE to a state with fewer poisonus and disturbing insects.

    Colorado is pretty nice. I’ve never seen a roach, a scorpion or a bunch of other horrible bugs my mom has told me about. We do have the occasional black widow and brown recluse spider around here (hubby’s coworker had a brown recluse spider bite and was out from work for a couple of months…My spider killing has increased ten fold since then!) We also have rattlesnakes, but fortunately, the only snake I’ve ever seen was not a rattler, and dead in a plastic bag on my MILs kitchen table…I guess she stepped on it in the night and put it in the baggy for later identification. Her city born and raised daughter in law (me!) was less than impressed first thing in the morning…

  29. Martha

    Jen, have you considered moving farther north of Austin? I have lived in North Texas all my life and never seen a scorpion outside of a zoo.

  30. Mary DTP

    I lived in Texas for a while, and when they were building a lot of houses in our neighborhood, they would stir up scorpion nests, not to mention lots of little baby rattlesnakes. The first time I saw a scorpion in my house I picked up the biggest, heaviest coffee table art book I could find and threw from across the room at the thing. The second time I found one, it was right next to my little boy sleeping in his toddler bed, no doubt preparing to do to him what these things have done to all of your relatives and friends. I now live back in my native New York, but I still shake out my gardening shoes every time I go out into the garage to put them on, as taught to me by the wise Texans who know better than to put their shoes on without first checking for scorpions. Gross.

  31. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    I’m another one of those who doesn’t find the comparison to wasp-stings reassuring.

    I don’t know how it could be.

    I love living in Alaska. Folks seem to fixate on the winter cold– as if they’re actually going to be out in it perpetually.

    I think more about brilliant, colorful summers with no snakes or creepy-crawlies bigger than a Susan B. Anthony dollar.

    I’m not here because I hate bugs, but avoiding the creepies is a nice perk.

  32. Jordana

    Not that this will make you feel any better, but I’m paranoid about scorpions too, although we don’t live in scorpion country now.

    I grew up in Arizona and I never got a scorpion sting, although the first one we found in our house was next to my foot when I was sitting on the toilet. We had the little pinkish yellow scorpions known as blondies. They were much worse than wasps. My mother and my two year old brother were stung. My mom was stung on the thumb by a scorpion that had crawled into the laundry she was folding. Her arm was numb to the elbow for a month. My little brother was stung on the toe by a scorpion he got to close to on the patio. He went into convulsions from the poison and spent three days in the hospital.

    Now it does totally depend upon the kind of scorpion. I think we had the very worst and most poisonous kind, but still, I think they are nothing to scoff about.

  33. Darwin

    Well shoot, I guess now I’m some kind of a pansy for not liking wasps either… (They probably return the sentiment since this dislike is generally expressed through trying to kill any wasps I encounter.)

    Rest assured, we will all sympathize with you when the time at last comes for you to be stung in bed by a scorpion. But please do be sure to write a typically hilarious post about it first we we can get a good laugh in before we start feeling sorry for you. 😉

  34. Rebekka

    I am dead-set against any creature that has more than four legs. If I found a scorpion anywhere near me, let alone in my house, let alone in my BED, I would be completely 100% hysterical.

    Not to be too picky about your really pretty chart, but according to your earlier post you mentioned that your grandfather actually has been stung while sleeping — shouldn’t he have a green X then?

  35. Jennifer F.

    Rebekka –

    Not to be too picky about your really pretty chart, but according to your earlier post you mentioned that your grandfather actually has been stung while sleeping — shouldn’t he have a green X then?

    But of course! Accuracy in scorpion charts is of the utmost importance around here. 🙂 The green x’s were just for people who had known scorpion infestations, and the red were for people who had been stung in bed, hence my grandfather does have a red x. Actually, I guess there was no need to make them two different colors. Does that make sense?

  36. Rebekka

    Oh, no. I had no idea that all those people had been stung in bed. I thought this was some sort of rare occurrence (obviously horrifying, though).

    Does this mean it’s just a matter of time until your number is up? I can’t believe that the people around you are downplaying the whole thing.

    Maybe you need to make some sort of Scorpion Threat Scale with color codes so that we know how bad things are, just like they do for Fire Danger or terrorists?

  37. Martin

    Mark up one more victim to scorpion bites … and it happened just last night. I had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Immediately after I laid back down in bed … I got the painful bite right smack on my rear end. It must have gotten in my pajama bottoms.

    I still feel the sting … now 12 hours later … and my tongue has kind of been tingling all day. It’s weird.

  38. Adoro te Devote

    As an arachnophobe, while we don’t have scorpions, I live in holy terror in summer months, into fall. I’m not afraid of scorpions, but spiders. Huge spiders. In Minnesota, we have huge spiders and they can appear anywhere.

    If I lived in Texas, I’d be in complete solidarity with you against your crazy relatives that don’t see the problem.

  39. coffeemom

    Jen, I’m with you on this one!! You crack me up, even as I know this is NOT a laughing matter. If I found a scorpion even near my bed I would freak and it would look like a bad old “B” movie…..I grew up w/ scorpions and tarantulas and rattlers…and now we worry about brown recluse spiders too. Ack. Not a big fan of bugs here…..maybe there is a patron saint of this somehow???

  40. Maureen

    Once upon a vacation, I was traveling from LA to SF with some SF cityfolk. It got dark while we were still inbetween and way out in the country, so of course I was looking at the innumerable stars out the windows (you know, crane your neck and look up). Them being cityfolk, they wanted to stop the car and look. So we pulled off at the next exit and got out of the car.

    Big mistake. Because as soon as we started looking at the stars, the rattlers’ percussion section started up.

    I wanted to get back in the car and get the heck away before the rattlers moved in, but just about then the police car pulled up to ask us what we were doing. Which ruined sky visibility, but apparently discouraged the rattlers.

    We had a little chat with the nice policeman. It is possible that I wasn’t quite as shocked about the rattlers as he thought it was amusing, but apparently worse things than rattlers pull off the highway in that spot. So all in all, it’s not easy to do impromptu stargazing in California.

    It does explain why kids in movies are always sitting on their car hoods instead of on the ground, like teenagers who live in less hostile environments do….

  41. Anonymous

    Is there nothing else of interest in the world -otherwise, I enjoy your site

  42. Anonymous

    My daughter, another Jennifer, had some bark scorpions in her house when she first moved to Las Vegas. They are the most lethal ones in that area..One of them stung a man who came to clean her carpet and they took him to the ER. No one else got stung, but it was unnerving for my daughter, A Florida girl, to find them from time to time. She was terrified that one would sting her baby who was 6 months old at the time. It took a long time, but they seem to have gotten rid of the infestation. I’d gotten over my fear while visiting and now I read this! Just when you think it’s safte to go back in the water.

  43. Adoro te Devote

    Several years ago I lived in Mexico, but not in an area infested by anthing other than large roaches. (You could put a leash on them and call them “Fido”)

    Well, two years later, I returne to visit friends, and we decided to travel on the Maxipista from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta. A magazine at the time happened to have an article about the Maxipista which was fairly new, the geography and geology through which it passed, and an article abotu the white scorpions in Nyarit. They were the most dangerous scorpions, and in that state, there were not many hospitals. It was a cautionary and activist article, along the lines of which you’d find in Time or Redbook. It wasn’t news to the natives, but boy, it sure made me, as a tourist, take note! I still have the magazine.

    By the way…the magazine was written for’s all in Spanish. So it wasn’t tourist hype

    I’ve been terrified of “blondie” scorpions since then, and terrified of black scorpions since I saw part of “Dune” with my brother years before.

  44. GB

    What about mice? I’ve been in the US for almost 4 years now (in DC and Northern VA), and I’ve seen at least one mouse a year in my house… The worst was a vacation in the mountains in Maryland, when we had a whole lot of them in our B&B room! I had never seen a mouse before, and now I’m almost getting used to them… Sad! But at least I’m not in Texas: the last time we visited my father-in-law (who lives one hour north of Houston), the whole outside of the house was “decorated” with huge spiders and their webs – it was disgusting! I also saw a tarantula, goodness! And people would laugh at me and go around barefoot… I told my husband we will never go back there in summer!

  45. Jamie

    Scorpions? Seriously? I’ve lived in Texas for nearly 9 years and have never even seen one, but let me tell you, I would be freaking out in a big way if I did. Especially if I found one in the house. Or the bed! Smelling salts would be required to bring me back to the real world. That’s all I’m saying.

    And I thought our super-sized roaches were bad.

  46. Anonymous

    My wife and I moved to Texas from the west coast of Canada a year ago. Until recently we lived in an apartment in San Antonio, but we just bought a house north of New Braunfels.

    Last night my wife was stung between the shoulder blades by a scorpion while we were asleep in bed.

    How do we know it was a scorpion? She sat bolt upright at midnight and told me something had bitten her. She then said it was in her hair (which is quite long and thick). I ran my fingers through quickly, and out dropped a 2″ scorpion.

    My wife has an incredible tolerance to pain, but she said this felt like having a lit match held to her back.

    I’m now researching ways to keep them out of the house.

    Oh, and after coming downstairs to the kitchen to put a cold compress on the sting area, we went up to the bedroom to find another one on the ceiling above the foot of the bed…

  47. Sarah Reinhard

    OK, the comparison between wasps and scorpions did it for me.

    I’m done.

    Would love to meet you, see your kids, etc.

    Forget it.

    We have wasp infestation problems periodically, and not only did my symapathy level for you triple when I read that, but now I am CERTAIN that, though there are blogging buddies in the state of Texas, they don’t need ME for a visitor. 🙂

    (Not that I’ve been invited.)

  48. Anonymous

    I recently relocated to northern Texas from Redondo Beach, California. A few weeks after I moved in to my new home, my son called me from school to tell me that they were moving him and his twin brother into the tornado shelter.

    I asked “Why are they moving you into the tornado shelter?”. He said “Ummm, because there is a tornado?”.

    Meanwhile, I am driving through a cow pasture when freakin’ sirens start going off and a decidedly suspect looking cloud started to form above and to the south of me.

    So, this sucks, to say the least and somehow when moving to Texas I completely missed the fact that it is in tornado alley.

    Then, joy of all joys, last night I found what is the second of two really nice specimens of our friend the scorpion in my bed. A third scorpion was found in the bathroom, but hey, at least it wasn’t in my sheets.

    I own a 3300 square foot house, but my husband, my 14 year old twins and I are all camping in the living room. Perhaps there is safety in numbers? I am not sure, but I do know that we are living in a space the size of a one bedroom apartment in our own home out of fear and inability to sleep.

    I guess we think that maybe we can “spot” for each other.

    I am leaving this wacko state as soon as humanly possible. Ironically, i have a job offer in Phoenix, so go figure…

  49. GalaxyJane

    I am a very new (and fortunately semi-temporary) resident of San Antonio and already found my first scorpion lying in wait for me in the bathroom Tuesday morning. I was less than pleased, to say the least. Jen I am with you 100% on the scorpion thing and can’t wait to get back to Virginia where all I have to worry about is black widows, rattlesnakes, moccasins and mosquitos the size of small jets.

  50. Kelli

    I just happened across this blog and I thought i would share my terrifying story of an encounter with a scorpion while sleeping.

    I woke up because I felt something bite me, as soon as I woke something stung me. It was right on my eyelid. I thought it was a poisonous spider at first but we found the little sucker on our sheet afetr I jumped out of bed screaming and crying. It was swollen for a week and I had a small lump on my eyelid for months. I HATE Scorpions.

  51. Brandi

    o.k. I'm finding this a bit late since no one has posted in a while, but I have to tell you that I live in Texas and I HATE scorpians! They really creep me out! You might like to hear though that although I've found them in a coffe cup in the kitchen, in the kitchen drain, on my bathroom floor, living room floor, and by my computer desk, I have not been stung yet (knock on wood!)so there's some hope for you. Whenever I run across one on the floor (happens a couple of times a year even though we have the Orkin man come) it takes me two or three nights to be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without a flashlight on the floor!

    So I definitely hear ya! I have been known to lay in bed and think about it!

  52. Anonymous

    Last night I was stung in my bed for the 3rd time in about 24 months. Anybody have any ideas about how I prevent this from happening for a 4th time ? ! ? ! It's not so much the pain as the idea of not being safe in my sleep ! I live 40 miles southwest of Ft. Worth, TX. Regards, JT

  53. Anonymous

    I was stung last night, while asleep, by a scorpion. This is the 3rd time this has happened in 24 months. I live 40 miles southwest of Ft. Worth, TX. Does anyone have any ideas how I can prevent this from happening again? ….especially in view of the fact they've been seen on the ceiling!
    Regards, jt

  54. Anonymous

    In the olden days in the southwest they used to put the bed legs in buckets of water so that the scorpions wouldn't climb into bed with you. Although if they are falling from the ceiling then I guess you're out of luck.

  55. Theresa Sismilich

    I have been stung in the middle of the night by a scorpion and it was no picnic. Their sting is definitely worse than a wasp sting. Anyone who is O.K. with getting stung by scorpions (or even wasps) in the middle of the night – or any other time for that matter – is a little wacko. It’s one of the reasons why people hire a bug guy. Get rid of any pesky critters that might bite or be otherwise a nuisance. I personally like my bed without any other living thing but my husband – and maybe the cat. 😉

  56. Brittany

    I stumbled upon this article after researching because of the two scorpion stings I got lastnight. I was peacefully sleeping in my bed and rolled over to feel a sharp pinch by my knee and then shooting tingly pains up my leg. I immediately jumped out of bed, searched my bed only to come up empty handed. It was the first time I had been stung so I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for but I continued searching my room and taking my bedding off and shaking it throughly to find it. I still found nothing. So I tried my best to fall back asleep after checking my bed AGAIN. I woke up two hours later to my leg throbbing, one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. As I turned over I felt another pinch. This time on the back of my knee on my other leg. I jumped out of bed. Searched my bed for the fourth time to find nothing. I felt like I was going crazy..until I looked
    at my second sting and saw the scorpion still attached to me.. In panic mode I shook it off and it ran away before I could kill it. It’s been hours now and I’m still in excruciating pain.

    All in all, your fears aren’t a joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m terrified after my sleeping sting experience. The only advice I have for you is to keep your house sprayed regularly and have a blacklight handy to check your bed before you go to sleep. Good luck!

  57. jennifer

    I was looking to see what would happen if my 1year old got stung by a scorpion when i saw this. i have lived with scorpions forever and have only been stung twice and other than me the only other person who has been stung is my dad. i do see them though around the house, but mainly in the kitchen and restrooms. i have never seen one in my bedroom or my kids rooms, but just as precaution I would like to know what to do if my baby gets stung…

  58. tracker

    I was stung in bed by a scorpion and subsequently found this blog post. Actually I think a wasp is a lot worse, although it’s been a long time since I was stung by one, but would prefer to be stung by neither. I live in the hill country west of San Antonio and I’ve only seen a few scorpions, and some of them were outside. I don’t know how it got into my bed, but it was found and dealt with. Unless you have an allergy to them (or live with ones that are deadly like in Arizona or Australia), it’s really just unpleasant and not so scary (although the little bastards do look evil don’t they?)

  59. lacey

    I just saw a scorpion in my hallway! OMG I got a shoe to kill it,but when I got back it was gone.I spayed bug spray and put boric acid down. I don’t know if this will help or not. I have three kids. Is it time to clean under the beds to clean everything? I’m totally freaked!

  60. hayden

    well thanks for the information but i would use your graph but i cant 🙁

  61. sarah

    I was just on Twitter and a friend posted a photograph of a scorpion he just found waltzing across his kitchen floor…and I literally have been curled up under my covers since, thinking about all of the possible scenarios in which a scorpion-encounter could happen. Ironically I did not consider my bed, and now will just lie here in terrified paranoia that one sneak under my sheets and will poke its little stinger in my leg, and I will be the one person on your chart, in my own column of “unknown scorpion infestations” to have been stung in bed by a scorpion. I didn’t know scorpions infested anything. Not good to think about at night.

  62. Tammy Vulgamore

    http:// I walked into my bedroom and put something away on my bookshelf about thirty minutes ago when I saw a small, what appeared to be a insect of some sort on the towel at the foot of my bed and I looked closer to see a SCORPION. It was very small and at first I was`t sure. I never imagined one being so small, it had a long tail up over its back. I looked on line and saw pictures of them smaller than a penny and I knew then that was what it was. I really am not interested in going to bed any more. ? Well I must call the exterminator. I think that is what my cat was trying to bring a big red one in through my bedroom window. Also in Barstow Ca. a few years ago in my wash room. It was as big as a very grown mans hand, I never in my life saw such a big scorpion. Any way. I just do not know. Tammy

  63. Zannah

    Well, I’m actually up at 1am right now on you’re site because I just woke up to a scorpion stinging me in the leg.


  64. Robyn Seid

    I’m in south africa. I found a squashed scorpion on my bedroom floor, got
    Hysterical at the thought I’d stood on it. Serious skin crawling. Then 2 days later I found another in my bed, at the foot – also squashed! I might have tossed a book onto it unknowingly. They’re about 3cm long, grey & im not sure where the next one is lurking…


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