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May 11, 2008 | 6 comments

Here are a few miscellaneous notes I’ve been meaning to cover:

Questions about Catholicism?
I’m starting to get a lot of emails from people who tell me that they’re exploring Catholicism but feel completely alone in their journeys. If you are in this position, or just have some questions about Catholic teaching, I highly recommend the Yahoo group called The Catholic Spitfire Grill. Red Neck Woman, a convert to Catholicism, started it with some other convert friends as “a safe place to ask questions of Catholics” since she was overwhelmed with questions on that topic on a religious forum she frequents.

I’ve been a member of the list for a couple weeks now and really like what I’ve seen so far. It’s a great support network for those who are in the process of converting to Catholicism, as well as a helpful source of information for those who might not be interested in converting but would just like some questions answered. Recently people have written in with questions along the lines of “What’s the deal with Mary?”, “Why do you pray the Rosary?”, “Why do some Catholics wear medals?”, “Do Catholics have ‘personal relationships’ with Jesus?”, “Why is there a Pope?”, etc. and all have resulted in friendly discussion.

Highlights from my links blog
In case you missed it, here are some of my favorite links I’ve highlighted on my links blog recently:

Those are just a few that stood out to me in recent days. Enjoy!

Blogs by seekers?
As you can probably guess, I have a soft spot for people who blog through the process of seeking God / religion / answers to life’s big questions / etc. I was considering putting up a post with a list of blogs on that topic but I’m not sure how many are out there. If you have a blog that is primarily about “religious seeking” (for lack of a better term), leave a comment or email me. (Or, if you’ve ever thought of starting one, now’s your chance!)

Drew Mariani Show
I’ll be on the Drew Mariani Show again tomorrow (Monday) during their pledge drive, sometime around 3:20 CST (times subject to change). I’ll be telling everyone why they must stop what they’re doing right now and donate.

Happy Mother’s Day and blessed Pentecost!


  1. Mike

    Happy Mother’s Day Jennifer!!

  2. Lizzie

    I think I would have mentioned this before, but A Whisper of Grace went live last week.

    Primarily aimed toward the true newbie (especially adults coming to faith for the first time with little or no religious grounding) its part resource list and part personal journal. Any list you make up, I’d LOVE to be on it 🙂


    (plus my regular blog at:

  3. Bill Donaghy

    Hi Jennifer,

    I run a blog called “The Heart of Things” – a random medley of seeking, finding, plumbing the depths and getting past the shallows of daily life. And if there are questions on Catholicism to field, I’m happy to help. I’m a theology teacher and all around “Catholic Nerd.” Love your blog, and a belated Happy Mommy’s Day!
    Bill Donaghy

  4. Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience


    I greatly appreciate what you do in this place.

    My continued thanks….

    All’s grace,

  5. The Koala Bear Writer

    For all those who are exploring Catholicism – you are not alone!!! In fact, you are in very good company. My hubby was the first Catholic convert I’d ever met, and he led me to start exploring. I was surprised at how many others are also looking into the Church. That’s neat that there’s a forum for you to ask questions. I also recommend getting involved in an RCIA group with a local parish – the support I found there was awesome. May God bless you all in your journey.

  6. Cow Bike Rider (alias, Chris Sagsveen)

    Without knowing you were going to be on Drew’s show, I heard you on the radio on my way home today.

    His is my favorite show on the air today. Well done!

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