Drew Mariani Show today at 4:30 EST

June 27, 2008 | 2 comments

I’ll be on the Drew Mariani Show today around 4:30 EST (times subject to change). You can listen online for free here, or find a station near you here.


  1. David Roberts

    I’m listening to it right now!

    This is so cool!

  2. Anonymous

    (Slightly off-topic, I apologize) This morning I visited your site for the first time; thank you for writing about pro-life issues. The first time I wrote anything substantial about my pro-life views was actually last night, when I argued in an online discussion against the ethics of screening embryos by parents’ preference. I pointed out that in-vitro embryos are not part of a woman’s body (much less IN it), and argued from there on that they are not in her domain to destroy; especially since she is exercising a preference over a possible right to life itself of what is at least clearly an “alive” clump of cells (I tried to argue in their terms). In any case, I feel more courage and comfort having read some of your articles here, and I am glad to learn from your perspective. Again, thank you.

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