Some other things I’ve written…

June 23, 2008 | 8 comments

Some writing I’ve done in other parts of the web…

Google and Ye Shall Find: The Internet and the New Evangelization
An article from this weekend on Inside Catholic about the role the internet played in my conversion to Christianity.

10 Tips for Talking to Atheists about Christianity
Another piece on Inside Catholic, co-authored with Jason Anderson of The Cynical Christian.

Suburban CEO
I was surprised and delighted to see that one of my regular reads, Amy’s Humble Musings, linked to this old site of mine (this Then vs. Now chart was the specific page Amy linked to). I’ve now seen it discussed on a few other blogs so I thought I’d ‘fess up that this is my site. I threw it together rather quickly a couple years ago because I thought I had a book deal (I didn’t, as I mentioned here).

I began working on this project after encountering many women who wanted to and were financially able to stay home with children, but felt like failures when they found that it drove them crazy to be stay-at-home moms. Long story short, I did a bunch of informal research on this and was encouraged by a friend with contacts in the publishing industry to put together a site to share what I found. The summary of my message is that the problem these moms faced was not that they were doing anything wrong, but that the setup of our current society makes it more psychologically difficult than ever to be home with kids. The good news is that I believe that once we recognize this and address it head-on, we can make changes that bring a lot of peace to our daily lives. (I’ve also written about this issue here on this blog.)

That’s it for today. Yaya will be here all week, and I can only guess what that will mean for frequency and content of blog posting. Last time she was here during scorpion season it definitely gave me plenty to write about.


  1. Meredith

    That was YOU?!? Neat!

  2. April


    I am so blessed by your offerings! Suburban CEO is changing my life — and I don’t think that’s an overstatement. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with cyberland!

  3. Anonymous

    I am very sorry your earlier book deal fell through. I would be very grateful if you could publish a book version of your suburban ceo website. I would love to buy a copy for my wife. I think she would enjoy it very much and be greatly helped by it. She doesn’t read the internet as much but she would really treasure a book. It would be a big seller so you should not have trouble finding a publisher. I love all your writing and want to thank you so much for everything you do.

  4. Jane @ What About Mom?

    Just read all your posts under Suburban CEO heading, and loved them. Sent links right away to my extended fam/friends: This is why I blog.

    Am just wishing I had discovered you earlier.

    Conversion is so fascinating, and not just religious conversion. It’s great when someone from the “outside” (of wherever) can consider the “inside” (again of wherever) and have an open- and curious- enough mind to embrace something totally new.

    Though the comment/stats fasting for Lent was inspired. I’ve been (trying to) “disconnect” for the weekends. It’s really strange still, but helps fill the well and also I think my kids and Hubs appreciate it.

    Hope you get that book contract someday.

  5. Sister Mary Martha

    There must be a patron saint to guard against scorpions. I’d go for St. Martin de Porres, because he could just ask them to step off.

  6. Penny

    Jennifer – you are the answer to a prayer I’ve had for a long time – helping me to puzzle through Christianity. I’m about 3 light years behind you on the path, but thanks to you – the path is a little more obvious – thank you.

    I know this is cryptic – let’s just say your booklist alone is working a miracle!

    Thank you so so much for sharing your journey –


  7. Lucia Rosa

    Hey, I call my grandmother Yaya too!

  8. Spencer

    I loved that, Jennifer!! I didn’t even know it was you! Makes perfect sense, now.
    Frankly, I think you and Amy should write the book together!! How awesome would that be?
    Now, when’s the post on the whole Then vs. Now thing? 🙂 And any thoughts now? I am so intrigued!

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