Sirius radio interview tomorrow morning – 7:30am EST

July 28, 2008 | 3 comments

I will be on the Sirius radio show Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd on Channel 159 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7:30am EST. If you are not currently a Sirius subscriber, you can get a free online trial here.


  1. Jordan Henderson

    I know it’s a nit, but I think you mean 7:30 EDT.

    I’m always picking that particular nit.

    If you want to be always right, just use ET instead of EST/EDT.

  2. Sean Sullivan

    Hi there! I found my way here to your blog from your radio interview this afternoon. Wow what a fantastic story. So I thought I would stop in and say that I’m glad you lived it and also shared it with us. God Bless!

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