A summary of the America Magazine liveblogging

July 9, 2008 | 7 comments

Well, that was exhausting. By the end of the second day of liveblogging yesterday I felt like my brain was about to melt. It was fun, but not exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done to discuss heavy, controversial issues with almost no time to prepare my answers.

Since the frequent updates led to a jumble of long posts, here’s a summary with direct links to everything that was discussed:

Whew! That was a LOT of typing for two day’s time. (Thanks once again to Mrs. Darwin’s babysitting services.) If anyone needs me, I will be doing something that requires absolutely no brainpower at all. Anything good on TV tonight?


  1. Kate

    I am way behind on everything, including life due to my little article over at InsideCatholic. 🙂 However, I look forward to reading all of this.

    It’s ironic because I would expect topics like abortion and contraception to result in a heated debate, but I had no idea what stir discussing how a woman embraced nursing as a part of God’s plan would cause such a commotion among pro-life Catholics.

    Keep up the good fight. Thank you for your courage.

    God bless.

    ~Kate (the “Evil Breastfeeding Heretic” as a supporter jokingly called me)

  2. Jennifer F.

    Kate (a.k.a. breastfeeding heretic) 🙂 – the responses to your article are one of the most puzzling things I’ve seen in a long time. I just don’t get it.

    “Just” – I wasn’t able to switch your name to protect your identity, so I didn’t publish your comment just to be safe.

  3. noe

    Your liveblogging was really well done, Jennifer. I thought your organization of your answers was very clear and easy to follow – nice use of headings, etc. It’s also good to have the subjects separately linked here.

    Content-wise, you handled the tough questions beautifully. Was there a comment from a pro-life atheist on the America article? I thought that was an interesting/unusual postition to have

  4. GB

    Very well done, Jennifer. I especially loved your thoughtful answer to the pro-abortion reader. As far as the readers who wrote complaining about pro-life Christians who aren’t as ready to “fight” over social/political matters, I wish they remembered that the Church leaves plenty of room to believers in at least some of these matters (for instance, the Church never declared the war in Iraq an unjust war, so even good Catholics can disagree on the issue without being against a Church teaching.) But there is no room to debate whether abortion might be good in some instances – the Church is very clear about this. Unlike other issues these readers recalled, there is no possible debate, no other acceptable positions.

  5. Kimberly

    I just made my way through most of your comments. I am impressed with your depth and breadth of knowledge both about your faith and about the pro-life issue. Obviously it shows that you have thought long and hard about both, which is fab.

    Great work.

  6. Christine

    Good responses. I can see why that would be exhausting! Just another thought about the late-term abortion debate: a C-section (delivering the baby alive) takes minutes while a late-term abortion takes much much longer and is traumatic for the mother as well. Tell me how that is better for her health?? From what I’ve heard, so infrequent is the late-term abortion to save a mother’s life that it is almost not worth mentioning. It’s just a more palatable thing to say.

  7. Milehimama

    Hey Jen,
    I thought you’d get a kick out of this post:

    For some reason I thought of your scorpions when I read the prayer to St. Gratus:

    St. Gratus, you showed no hesitation in dealing with nature in all its inglorious glory. God created all the creeping things for a purpose but I pray that I am never part of that purpose. Please guide the insects to their homes outside and away from my car, bedroom, and shower drain. Protect me when our paths cross and give me the courage I need in dangerous situations. Amen.

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