In the Heart of Things interview now online

August 1, 2008 | 3 comments

My interview with Bill Donaghy is now online here. It’s about 50 minutes. If you’d like to look up the podcast it’s called In the Heart of Things.


  1. Jessica

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just saw your comment on my blog. So you’ve got a houseful too? 🙂 I have three little boys. How about you?
    My grandmother is a staunch Catholic and I was raised Catholic until we moved to Florida.
    Glad to hear you’re not an atheist anymore! lol
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Anonymous

    Jennifer, I really enjoyed the podcast. I have two comments.

    First, about the internet, and finding a wealth of information. Yes, it is true that the internet provides a huge amount of information, but it often isn’t vetted or organized in any way. Any idiot with an opinion can be published. (I mean, you’re reading what I’M saying, right?!) Someone honestly seeking information about Catholics or other Christians needs some discernment about what information is good, and worth reading. Otherwise, there’s so much junk to scroll through, and you really can’t read it all anyway, and if you do, it could lead you in the wrong direction.

    Second comment: It would be really great if you, or someone like you, could write a physics textbook for home schooled students. All that’s available now is written by Christians who have literal way of interpreting the Bible (the earth was created in 6 calendar days, and all of that.)


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