Oh. No.

August 4, 2008 | 7 comments

An urgent, dire note of the utmost importance: while we were at Yaya’s house I had some free time to scan blogs. I realized after we arrived home that, HORROR OF HORRORS, I left the blogs up on her computer and left myself logged in as “Jennifer F.” of Conversion Diary. So. If anyone gets any comments from me in which you are set straight with some extremely blunt advice, written in all caps and liberally strewn with exclamation points, please know that it is not me who wrote it.


  1. Peony Moss

    If any comments like that do show up, please please make sure to reprint them in a dedicated blog entry….

  2. Veronica @Toddled Dredge

    My brother-in-law helps me with the tech side of my blog from time to time, so he is occasionally logged in as me. Which can get confusing when my sister leaves a comment under my name. It usually makes me sound VERY pleased with myself.

  3. SuburbanCorrespondent

    I’d be honored to receive them. Although I would hate to hear what she would have to say about my refrigerator

  4. Kim

    I think Yaya needs to start her own advice blog. We post our problems and Yaya gives us to-the-point advice with no wishy-washy touchy-feely comments.

    Soon after, we will set Yaya upon the Middle East. She’ll straighten out all those folks – Jews, Muslins, or Christians right quick!

  5. Jennifer F.

    Kim – believe me, I have seriously thought about it. My husband and I are actually looking into setting her up with a podcast where people can send her emails asking for her advice. And, believe me, she has mentioned many times that if the people over in the middle east would just LISTEN TO HER, they wouldn’t have all those problems.

    SuburbanCorrespondent – love the fridge pics I thought it was hilarious that that German forum was so interested in it!

  6. Liz

    My new son-in-law logged into my computer a couple of weeks before the wedding and forgot to log off again. I made comments on a couple of blogs before I realized that I was commenting as him, not me. The results were hilarious (he has great hair and I was commenting on my problem hair, for one example). It did teach me the importance of checking who you’re logged in as…

  7. 'becca

    The extremely geeky university I attended maintained an electronic bulletin board exclusively for such occasions. It was called “ileftmyselfloggedin” and was filled with the things people had always wanted to say but wouldn’t put under their own names. If you had any sense of honor, when you found a DECstation still logged in to someone else’s account, you posted there; if you didn’t, you posted on the open Internet claiming that the person whose account you were using had perverse desires toward chickens or somesuch. Ah, the memories!

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